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  • Eat Sushi as much as you like

    I went to eat Sushi as much as you like. The restaurant is called “三燔美麗華”. They are located in 美麗華miramar. I called to make a reservation for seats, but it was almost empty as it was during the day on weekdays. There are only 10 Counter seats . At first, salada will be served. Then they gives you 18 sushi. After […]

  • LeHua Night Market

    I went to LeHua Night Market. Get off MRT “Dingxi” station exit 1 ,go left, then you will see the big sign. I used bus from linsen east road . This conspicuous sign is the mark.  LeHua Night Market is popular among Yonghe people. Here you can buy most of life product. stalls are open at public roads, so car […]

  • Tainan Flowers Night Market

    Taipei Bus Terminal has been renewal so It is more convenient going to Tainan♪ Becasue Taiwan Bus companies has very high competition , each bus company offer discount ticket. Going to Taichung just NT$80 is cheap, isn’t it? Most of Taiwan’s long-distance buses offer that passenger take three rows of seats. Some expensive bus such as Aloha bus […]

  • Shipai Nightmarket

    Shipai Nightmarket is located near the MRT shipai staiton. You go out of exit 1 then walk 7, 8 minutes to the Shipai Nightmarket. Here is a local night market, so there is no sign. some Shops open from 6 pm. Stinky tofu is also delicious. I found long line in front of this dumpling restaurant. You can take […]

  • Jinmei night market

    Jingmei Night Market is the Night Market which is  the southernmost part of Taipei City. Here it is crowded with locals. They are medium-sized scale of the Night Market.There are 30 plus years of history. Here you can enjoy a traditional stalls cuisine at a low price. Tourists are very less. Access is just across the road from […]

  • Banqiao Nanya Night Market

    I went to the Banqiao Nanya Night Market. They are located off the beaten track. I lost way to reach there. You can access from MRT Fuzhong station exit 1. Here sounds pretty local night market. Tourists would be less. Anyway I ate the dumplings.  I was surprised.This Night Market is very long more than I thought. On […]

  • Ningxia Night Market

    Shilin Night Market is most famous in Taiwan, I will recommended you Ningxia Night Market if you keen on eating. This Night Market is only about 400m length one road but local taiwanese people recommend here for eating. The other night market sell goods and clothes, but here Ningxia Night Market sells food only. I will Introduce you the baked dumpling store in Ningxia […]

  • Huahsi Night Market

    I went to the most mysterious night market in taipei  called Huahsi Night Market. I think you can not miss it because there is an arcade. Here is a Night Market which has Long arcade is followed by. Here is not outdoor night market like Shilin one, Huaxi Night Market is inthe arcade. Here has not stalls but permanent […]

  • Daan Flowers Night Market

    I went to Daan Flowers Night Market in New Taipei Shulin District. Formal name is “Xinghe Night Market”. Going the way is about 15 minutes by train from TRA Taipei station, get off Shulin station then walk about 15 minutes. I was surprised that this night market is so huge. As this night market is […]

  • Keelung Miaokou Night Market

    Keelung Miaokou Night Market is located 10 min walk from TRA Keelung Station. Night Market’s entrance is surrounded by streets in the lantern like this. Here is easy to find stalls as they use number for each stores. Even if you do not know Chinese kanguage,it is OK to find out. Here I want to eat absolutely nutritional side and […]