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  • Inokashira park

    This is Inokashira park (井の頭公園, inokashirakouen). You can appreciate hanami during the evening, and that is genuine hanami. It’s exceptionally lively. Vacationer Info: Inokashira Park is a recreation center situated in the urban communities of Musashino and Mitaka in Tokyo, Japan. Inokashira lake and the Kanda water supply, which were set up amid the Edo […]

  • Sumida Park

    Sumida Park (墨田公園, shumidakouen) is one of the best 100 Sakura Spots in Japan found right alongside Sumida River. There are around 1000 Sakura planted alongside the riverside. Those Sakura make wonderful bloom burrow in Spring. Amid the Hanami period which is between end of March to center of April, there are a ton of […]

  • Ueno Park

    This is Ueno Park (上野公園, uenokouen).If you wanna do a Hanami with class, come here. This is the best place. This is Hanami; it’s a gathering under the sakura, it’s Japanese convention. What’s more, you might ponder; why a few individuals are sitting alone. What they are doing? They are called “placeholder.” Their obligation is […]