How to get to Shurijo Park

About Shurijo Park

The main gate of Shurijo Castle, next to it, is being repaired. The plaque has some discoloration. Huanghui Gate came in, after going up the steps, is another hall ~ carved funnel up is a platform, you can watch the Naha evening view, just happened to be the sunset. The main hall is the wide blessing to go in, it is necessary to buy a separate ticket, at first I did not know that this is the main hall, after stepping in, the door staff signaled me to go out, I thought the time had come to close, ha ha ~ later we were discussing, not to say that the tickets, where ah, look at the map to know.

How to get there

Take the monorail to Shuri Station, then take Bus No. 8 and get off at Shuri-mae Station. Walk from Shuri Statio, it takes 10-15 min on foot.


Jan. 1-Dec. 31 Mon.-Sun.

General admission: 820 yen


Shurijo Castle is actually the palace of the ancient Ryukyu Kingdom, which is the equivalent of the Imperial Palace of Okinawa! But don’t expect too much, it’s very small, it’s not comparable to our Imperial Palace, but it’s still good for photos.

The exterior of the main hall was under renovation, but you could go in directly from the side halls to see it, so it didn’t affect anything.

The first half of the treasures area is completely unphotographed walk to the main hall of the main hall location can be photographed.

Feel the King of the Ryukyu chair is quite low.

Not much to see a circle of about 20 minutes to get out


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