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About Nara Park

The cherry blossoms in Nara are also in full bloom. Once again, I felt super lucky.

When I was walking at the intersection, a gust of wind blew by and the scene of cherry blown snow appeared right in front of me. Unfortunately, I didn’t capture the beautiful moment because of my lack of photography skills, but the scene has been preserved in my memory. The sun was very bright that day, I was lazy and didn’t bring a hood, so the photos are a little too bright ……

The lush park. Pressed a lot of shutters. Each scene is trying to collect memories.

How to get there

Nara Park is a 10-15 minute walk from Kintetsu Nara Station or JR Nara Station, and Kintetsu Nara Station is closer to the scenic spot. If you are in the vicinity of Todaiji Temple or Kasuga Taisha, you can also walk there.


Free of charge


The park’s main road is lined with plum deer, and cars generally give way to them. Visitors can buy deer cakes to feed the deer for 150 yen per stack. It is important to note that the deer here are not afraid of people and will grab deer cakes to eat. If you have a deer cake in your hand, a group of deer will swarm around you and ask for food, and if you don’t give it to them, they will bite your clothes and leave yellowish brown drool on your clothes. Of course, there are also many cute deer here, and the photos are very spiritual.

Nara Park has more than 1,000 deer in the park, and the scenery is beautiful all year round. In addition to feeding the deer, you can also visit the temples and shrines in the park. Todaiji Temple, Kasuga Taisha Shrine, Kofukuji Temple, Nara National Museum, and Wakakusa Mountain are all located in Nara Park, so you can take your time to visit them. The plum deer in the park are not afraid of tourists, and mature ones will come up to you to see if you have a deer cake in your hand. There are also some herds of deer just lying on the ground motionlessly basking in the sun. The young deer do not dare to approach the crowd, usually far away, visitors have to take the deer cake over, they will carefully eat some.

Opening hours: Open 24 hours

Website: (Japanese official website, no Chinese page yet)

The lovely deer in the lush green forest look very charming, with big wet eyes and full of spirit.

Nara Park is very close to the subway station, just a ten-minute walk away. From far away, I saw a group of deer in front of the park, surrounded by tourists asking for cookies …… cookies are called “deer senbei” here, 150 yen a bundle, it is recommended that you do not buy at the entrance of the park, the park inside There are many, the result I bought cookies at the door, was N deer chasing wildly, but also bit my clothes, but fortunately there is a raincoat blocked I was scared to put the rest of the cookies in my arms, all the way to run wild, and then the cookies are damp ……

Just arrived in Nara out of the subway station on the rain, big to Nara Park gravel road area water into a river …… look around, braving the rain in this pestle, in addition to the deer is the two of us …… play, we are serious.

Nara is in my opinion the most worthwhile place in Kansai, especially for couples like us who love animals. Here really feel a sense of harmony that domestic safari parks have never had, deer are not afraid of people, people are not afraid of deer, no one is watching, each have their own fun. In this quiet and verdant park, it is a perfect complement to each other. Nara Park is surrounded by both Buddhist temples and shrines, different beliefs converge in this small plot of land, well water does not offend the river, the spirit of the beast surrounded by it, God …… this is not “harmony”.

The deer if you bow with them they will return the salute, although it is for the cookies hahaha, but really cute, can not help but take a selfie. Pro test, really will keep bowing oh! And unlike monkeys after bowing immediately to grab, if you keep bowing, it will also be accompanied to the end. Really “silly roe deer” …… do people’s integrity or to have, can not bully the honest deer.

Nara Park in the rain is very fresh and beautiful.

We walked around the deer after feeding them with “Kagami Senbei”. Deer senbei is 100 yen a bundle of deer cookies (although strange deer will like to eat cookies, but the taste is really fragrant, my partner and I can not help but try), my partner and I bought three bundles of “deer senbei” did not experience the feeling of feeding, just bought the hand was taken directly (before you have time to open a bite of a bundle is what you want! ), a minute to be crippled by food light, these deer see deer Senbei like crazy, the aftermath is that since then we both walk are afraid to look directly into the eyes of the deer. Because its eyes are not pure, just want to probe you in the end there is no deer Xianbei, and these deer are very realistic, once you find no deer Xianbei, instantly turn your head and no longer follow you.

Through the blood and tears of my partner and I feeding the deer, summed up the following experience.

1. Do not tease the deer! Do not tease the deer! Do not tease the deer! The important thing to say three times! Every year there are incidents where Nara deer bite people or fly kick them, mostly by teasing them with food. It is said that Nara deer are very polite and will bow low to visitors (think too much of humans, just want to show you our horns and always ready to attack ah hey).

2. Do not pull out your deer senbei in front of you, or you will experience a human deer version of Busan (pro evidence), they will follow until your pockets ripped off.

3. After feeding the deer to show them the palm (yes, it is surrender that posture), to prove that you have no food, they will not pester you again.

4. Even so, you still have to be brave to feed them, do not forget that your ancestors have defeated the saber-toothed tiger!

But without the “deer fairy shells” under the temptation of the deer or quite docile, can


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