How to get to Nara Koufukuji

About Nara Koufukuji

Nara Koufukuji is a temple that has both a national treasure, the triple pagoda and the quintuple pagoda. The temple has suffered from the disaster of Kuroku many times, and the existing buildings include the Chugindo, Higashigindo, Minamiwondo, Kitanwondo, Gokyo Pagoda, Mie Pagoda, and Daigodo (Bodhi-in, commonly known as the Thirteen Bells).

Among them, the North Hall and Mie Pagoda were rebuilt in the middle of Kamakura; the East Golden Hall and the Five-story Pagoda were rebuilt in the early Muromachi period. The temple is rich in treasures, with more than a hundred national treasures and valuable cultural assets in existence.

Among them, the five pagodas are the most famous and are the landmark of Nara.

How to get there

If you turn right out of Kintetsu Nara Station and walk straight along Todai Road, you can easily reach the famous Kofukuji Temple.

About a 5-minute walk from Kintetsu Nara Station

Approx. 15 minutes on foot from JR Nara Station


Free of charge

Jan. 1-Dec. 31 Mon.-Sun.

09:00-17:00(Opening hours)Closing time:16:45


In ancient times, before visiting a shrine, a full-body ablution was performed, but in modern times such ablutions are difficult to perform, so instead of a full-body ablution, Hansuishe is used to wash hands. The steps are.

1. Take the water scoop in the right hand, take the water and pour it over the left hand

2. Take the water scoop in the left hand, take the water, and pour it over the right hand

3. Pass the water scoop from the left hand to the right hand

4. Catch the water in the scoop with the palm of the left hand, then use it to gargle and spit out the water in the mouth

5. Cover the left hand with the remaining water from the scoop

6. Rinse the handle of the ladle and put it back in its place.

The appearance of solemnity in tranquility!

The master of the scripture lecture than the Shaolin Temple of those salesmen, do not know how many times more professional! More dedicated how many times!!!

This is a true temple of faith, not a Shaolin skinny infinity company that is busy buying and selling!

The students who come to class here are able to be nourished by spiritual cultivation.

In their smiles, I see the qualities that childhood children should have!

How can we despise such a nation?

Especially the signs on the road, which feel like they are saying: Watch out, deer are out!

The first place you see on foot is Kofukuji Temple, and before you get to Nara Park, it seems to be dominated by deer. Kofukuji Temple became the backdrop for photos with various deer.

The deer in Nara are scary and seem to have a never-ending appetite. There are deer cakes here, and they are not expensive, only 150 yen. You can play for a long time, but you have to know how to hide, otherwise you will not be able to get away if they see you.

From the other side of Kofukuji Temple, there is a staircase down, I think the scenery here is beautiful, sometimes cloudy or sunny days, you can see different scenery.


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