Living in Japanese House with Tatami

Tatami room is the most widely recognized thing which Japanese exemplary houses have. There are couple of behavior for living with Tatami room.

Try not to venture on the doorsill.

Japanese houses have isolated by shoji(paper window) or fusuma (paper entryway), and this speaks to the domains of house proprietor. Venturing on doorsill straightforwardly implies shaming the proprietor of the house since you are not regarded the domains. Japanese say “Venturing on doorsill is similar to venturing proprietors face.” Also, on the off chance that you venture on the doorsill, it will harm the house structure.


Try not to venture on the edge of Tatami.

There are a few causes. One of the fundamental reason was originating from Samurai’s self-assurance. Old fashioned, some of professional killers stayed under Tatami, and wound sword from the edge. Likewise, Tatami was utilized to be exceptionally costly furniture, and on the edge of Tatami, it had “Kamon” family images. It was exceptionally shaming to venture on house proprietors Kamon.


Going into the room.

Rather than thumping, utilize light hack and say “Shitsurei shimasu(excuse me).” Use one and only hand to open Fusuma. Utilizing both hands is languid way. At right siding Fusuma, put right hand on force tab to open around 10cm (3 crawls) and put the other hand as an afterthought edge of Fusuma to open sufficiently wide to enter. At that point, use pull-tab to close. Say “Howdy,” after you totally get done with entering.


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