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  • Shima Onsen

    Shima Onsen (四万温泉) is one of Onsen resorts of Gunma prefecture. There are 43 Onsen springs in Shima. One of the extraordinary element of Onsen water of Shima is that you can drink this Onsen Water. Shima Onsen is encompassed by wonderful mountains with numerous superb waterfalls. Onsen Town protected the look of right on time Showa taste with exemplary Onsen Entertainments.   Shima scholarly means 40,000. It was named in light of the fact that individuals trusted that the water of Shima Onsen cures 40,000 sorts of infections. Shima Onsen was found more than 1,000 years prior, and Onsen Town was set up around the center of sixteenth century. […]

  • Kusatsu Onsen

    Kusatsu Onsen (草津温泉) is an actually warmed spring which releases starting from the earliest stage a sum of 32,000 L/m from more than 100 focuses over the zone. It is one of Japan’s main three onsen and is world celebrated for it’s helpful properties. The water is high in sulfate, aluminum, sulfur and chloride which gives it a novel green gleam. Warmed by underground volcanic vents the water achieves 60 ℃. The water is useful for the help of neuralgia, muscle torment, dermatosis, wounding, sprains hypertension and exhaustion. The solid sanitizing power, which pulverizes germs and microscopic organisms, is the key to it’s helpful properties. Kusatsu Onsen (草津温泉) is an […]

  • Kinugawa Onsen

    Kinugawa Onsen (鬼怒川温泉) is Onsen Town situated in Nikko, Tochigi JAPAN. They are one of the major Onsen Town in Kanto area. The town is developed by the side of Kinu river and there are numerous natures and wonderful valley, Ryuo Valley. Kinugawa Onsen has numerous Onsen Hotels and around the town, there are additionally numerous vacation destinations, for example, Edomura, Tobu World Squire, Sarugundan and the sky is the limit from there. Since it is situated close from Niko Shrines and Temples, numerous individuals visit here and appreciate Onsen after their touring. Initially, Kinugawa Onsen was called Taki Onsen. It was found in 1752 on the westside of Kinu river and on the […]

  • Ikaho Onsen

    Ikaho onsen (伊香保温泉) is the hot spring spot in Gunma. Like Kusatsu, it is extremely mainstream spot for Onsen in Gunma. Around the hot spring, there are numerous lodgings which use the Hot spring water. There are numerous vacation spots in this Onsen town. Particularly, around the stone stairs, numerous inns, spas, eateries and excitements you can appreciate. This stone stairs were inherent the war period, sixteenth century. Ikaho Onsen has extraordinary harvest time tints. This hot spring is noted in Japanese mythology “Manyoushu” which is the principal composed book in Japan. Along these lines, this range has around 2000 years of history. The town was worked around 1575 by Takeda. […]