How to get to Hanamaki Hot Spring

About Hanamaki Hot Spring

Hanamaki is a city located in the central-western part of Iwate Prefecture in the northeastern region of Japan, and is the hometown of Kenji Miyazawa (1896-1933), a famous Japanese poet, fairy tale writer, agricultural instructor, and educator. Hanamaki Onsenkyo is a large scale hot spring recreation area built in the area. There are 14 hot springs, including Hanamaki Onsen, Taira Onsen, Kinya Onsen, Shidohira Onsen, Osawa Onsen, and Wataguchi Onsen, and they are diverse and colorful, making it one of the largest hot spring resorts in Iwate Prefecture.

Hanamaki Onsen-kyo has comfortable living facilities and a pleasant travel environment, and the entire hot spring street is filled with roses, cherry blossoms, pine trees, and other flowers and trees that make you feel comfortable. In particular, the roses from all over the world, which open in season, are a sight to behold, and add to the unique atmosphere of the hot spring town, with clumps and clusters of flowers in full bloom. The springs in Hanamaki Onsenkyo are basically bicarbonate springs, which are effective in treating neuralgia and rheumatism, and the area’s well-connected transportation network makes them very popular.

How to get there

There is a free shuttle bus service connecting Hanamaki Onsenkyo to Shin-Hanamaki Station and Hanamaki Station.


Next time I visit Hanamaki, I would like to visit the old historical Dai Onsen, which was discovered 1200 years ago. I’ve heard that there are ryokan (Japanese-style inns) where people cook for themselves in a traditional hot-spring cure. I’d like to try delicious local cuisine using local ingredients.


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