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About super cup

Meiji Etsel Supercup Sweet’s is a layered ice cream dessert that combines ice cream and ingredients to create a high quality sweet with the unique taste of ice cream.

You can buy it anywhere, including convenience stores and supermarkets.


The egg is the reason why this relatively inexpensive vanilla ice cream does not feel cheap.

The richness of the egg and the flavorful vanilla taste
That’s why people love it so much!

If you want to eat a reasonably priced ice cream that tastes great, you can’t go wrong with Super Cup.


This ice cream offers the rich taste of flavorful matcha green tea!
You can fell the original aroma and taste of matcha green tea.

Lemon Rare Cheese

By combining rare cheese flavored ice cream with the richness and subtle sourness of cheese and a sauce containing lemon peel, this ice cream cup offers a combination popular in Western confectionery.

The combination of the rich, yet refreshing flavor of the ice cream and the fresh lemon gives the ice cream a taste that will keep you coming back for more.

Butter Sandwich Taste

296 kcal.

This is the best Super Cup I’ve ever had and I’ve had it many times.
There are a lot of butter cookies in it, and the ice cream itself tastes like butter.

It is quite salty, so it might be hard for those who don’t like salty food.
Personally, I liked it so much that I wish it would become a regular item.

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