I tried to eat at Otoya! /Otoya’s Chicken Nanban is too good to be true.

About Otoya

Otoya Japanese cuisine has a history of 50 years in Japan with over 250 branches. It has inherited the advantages of Otoya cuisine and is popular with local consumers because of its localized ingredients and taste, while maintaining the same standard.

chicken stew with mother

Charcoal-grilled hand-kneaded tsukune

Ootoya Menu and Calories

Set meal with black vinegar sauce: 1,188 kcal
Spiced fried chicken set meal: 941 kcal
Chicken Nanban set meal: 1,175kcal
Pork with ginger set meal: 935kcal
Charcoal-grilled mackerel set meal: 932kcal
Chicken stewed in miso katsu set meal: 934kcal
Miso hamburger steak set meal: 879kcal


Ootoya also offers take-out.

You can take home a bento box from the menu available at the restaurant. The price is a little cheaper than at the restaurant.

So, if you want to eat at home slowly or if you don’t like crowds, takeout is a good option.



Meet Local Japanese Freinds

Meet Japanese Freinds



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