I tried to eat GoGo curry/Gogo Curry. It was an interesting restaurant in many ways.

About GoGo curry

The curry brand is as bold as its name, and different from the fine line of coco, GOGO(ゴーゴー) is more suitable for diners who want to eat after work and study, a bold iron plate, with rice and thick curry, and a big piece of pork chops, a killer!

On days that fall on a 5, they have a “go-go day,” and if you go on a go-go day, you get a coupon for free toppings after your meal. The day I went there was the 15th, so it was a go-go day. I was lucky. I left the coupon at the restaurant.

Kanazawa Curry


S (Small) 750yen
M (Medium) 800yen
L (Large) 900yen
XL (Extra large) 1,000yen


At first, my first impression was, “What is this?

It’s good!” or “It tastes bad! My brain searches my memory for similar foods in the past, but I can’t find anything, so I go, “? I can’t find anything, so I go “? At least, this is not the curry I know. Munching. It’s not spicy. It’s not bad, but it’s not amazingly tasty. Crunchy. The cutlet is thin and good.

By the way, you can have another serving of cabbage free of charge. If you ask the waiter, you can get mayonnaise for cabbage for free. The radio in the restaurant announced this on the go-go radio.



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