Saint-Marc’s chocolate croissant

What is Saint- Mark’s Cafe?

Saint- Mark’s Cafe Co., Ltd. is a company engaged in the café business under the umbrella of St. Mark’s Holdings, headquartered in Okayama Prefecture. The company operates under the brand name “Saint-Marc Cafe. In the past, the company also operated a bread retail business under the “Bakery St. Mark’s” brand.The café chain saint-marc Cafe offers royal milk tea in addition to straight black tea. (You can choose between hot and iced.)

Prices for both hot and iced tea are 330 yen (plus tax) for S and 380 yen (plus tax) for M. The price including tax is 356 yen for S and 410 yen for M.

Some stores only offer M size. Some stores in shopping malls are only medium size.

Saint-Marc’s royal milk tea is unsweetened. It is not sweet as it is, so if you like it sweet, add some gum syrup.

Many stores serve royal milk tea that is originally sweetened, so the unsweetened version makes me personally quite happy.

The only other chain stores that serve unsweetened royal milk tea are Doutor and Ueshima Coffee.

chocolate croissant

Saint-Marc’s signature product!

The croissant dough is crispy and crispy and the inside is moist .
The sweet and rich chocolate is sandwiched between the croissant dough and the chocolate, creating a perfect balance between the two.

If you are lucky enough to have a freshly made one, you can’t resist the slightly melted chocolate.

If you are ever in Saint-Marc and see freshly made chocolate croissants on the line, you must try them.

saint-marc cafe

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