【noodle】I tried to eat Myojo “Ippei-chan Yakisoba Salt of the Night Store”.

I had “Ippei-chan’s Yakisoba with Yotsuba at night store”. The package looks like this.

This is salted fried noodles finished with “special pepper garlic mayo” where garlic and black pepper are applied to salt flavor based on the taste of pork.

Attached three bags of “source”, “sprinkles” and “specially made mayo”.

It is easier to eat with salt sour sauce than with normal source. Noodles are thin fried noodles. “Kayaki” contains only one “cabbage”, but their amount is small. The calories is as high as 639 kcal because they have mayonnaise

The fragrant of garlic and the gentle smell of mayonnaise soak up your appetite.

【noodle】I tried to eat Nissin UFO Yakisoba.
I tried to eat Nissin UFO Yakisoba. This is a very famous yakisoba th...

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It is highly recommended, so please eat it if you are concerned.

明星 一平ちゃん夜店の焼そば 塩だれ味 132g×12個

(2019/7/14 17:16時点)

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