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  • Tarako(cod roe) flavor Japanese senbei

      This is Limited time offer senbei whichi is sold at Family mart. This is called Dashi ga umai te shio ya.   That means soup is good. But there is no soup. Only 100 yen! very reasonable. This is Tarako(cod roe) flavor.   I like their senbei. Here is their URL: Their other series is also good to buy.  

  • Soiya Ramen

    We went to Soiya Ramen in Matsudo. This is their entrance.It seems Students got Free egg or large size upgrade. At  lunch time, you may need to make a line. There is no parking lot. This is their Amazing Miso Ramen.  wow, 200g roasted pork fillet! You oder to buy a meal ticket. This is Miso ramen. It cost 760yen. Soup is delicious. The bean sprouts is also good. And roasted pork fillet is also delicious  The wonderful barbecued pork. Thanks for the meal! Soiya Ramen 1150 Masudo Chiba Map:

  • Maruki

    We went to Maruki Ramen restaurant. here is very well known  Ramen restaurant. Some Ramen Magazines often introduce them. Maruki Ramen restauran’s  location is about a 7-minute walk from Matsudo Station East Exit. This is the menu. You order to buy a meal ticket. Their main menus are like this. Their ramen is soy sauce based soup. There are L-shaped counter 10 seats in front of  the kitchen. Tabletop seasoning are hot pepper, chili oil · GABAN black pepper vinegar. We ordered regular  Ramen. This is the Ramen. Maruki Ramen 51-2 konemoto Matsudo chiba Open am11~15pm・18時~23時 Map:

  • Hokkaido Ramen Himuro

    It become completely ramen battleground in Matsudo now a day . Here is a delicious miso ramen restaurant  near the JR Matsudo Station The ramen restaurant is like this. You may need to line up by the time zone. They are located Matsudo Station West exit. Because it is not a meal ticket system, and You need to order verbally to the clerk. We had the miso ramen. Miso ramen 780 yen . Their Soup is pork based miso soup. feeling pork and miso is good. Eveb though miso ramen, their miso ramen is not salty. On the counter table, there are garlic,  gangs red pepper, pepper, and vinegar. Hokkaido Ramen Himuro Matsudo 1-13-26 HONCHO […]

  • kuzumochi restaurant Kameido Funabashiya

    Kameido Funabashiya is very famous for Kuzumochi.They are located 10min walk from Kinshicho station. They have been established since 1805. very old restaurant. They are very popular so you may need to make a line. We actually wait for 15min to enter. This is Kuzumochi. very very Yummy! You can also take a way. Funabashiya kameido main shop 3 Chome-2-14 Kameido, Kōtō-ku, Tōkyō-to 136-0071, Japan Open:9:00~18:00 website: Map:

  • Uobei Super Flying Sushi Restaurant

    I went to Uobei Super Flying Sushi Restaurant  near my house! Every dish is 105yen! his is a new trend in Japan based on the kaiten-zushi, conveyor belt sushi, model. In this new style sushi is only prepared once the customer orders it. There is a touch panel ,and English page too. So you do not need to worry to order! There are sweets as well! cool! Tuna!   Touch and order! That’s all! There are soy source etc. My dish is coming! Very very yummy! This is Tempra sushi! I hear this is very popular among foreigners. This touch panel is also used for checking. Bring the bill to the counter. and […]

  • Ekiben Matsuri

    The bento sold at train stations are called ekiben. They are located inside of Tokyo station. There is the Ekiben collection shop in the Tokyo Station.  They have over 170 ekibens, while in Tokyo station, you can buy local ekiben here. These are the samples. very beautiful! There are many Ekibens such as seafood ,sea bream rice etc. There is a live kitchen (demonstration kitchen) in the store,so you can buy warmed lunches box. Among the approximately 170 kinds lunch box, “beef right in the middle” (1,150 yen) is the most popular . Other popular one are below. Shrimp Senryo flyer (Niigata) 1,300 yen Komachi lunch (Akita) 1,300 yen Shenzhen rice […]

  • Tonikaku”兎に角”

    They are called ” tonikaku”. They are located from just outside of the east exit of Matsudo. about 4, 5 minutes from the Joban Line Matsudo Station east exit. You eat without line up if you come 2pm-5pm. there is a menu in front of the shop so It is good to choose ramen before entering. buy a meal ticket first. There are about 15 seats surrounded the kitchen. Their Clerk are also very kind to customer.  I ate 780 yen dipping noodle. pig bone based fish soup. it is a mild taste. noodles is very delicious. homemade thick noodles also is delicious. It is in the noodles also put soup is not salty. Thank you […]


    I went to the sweets paradise where collaborated with PSO2 ARCS cafe. The location is near the Shinjuku east exit. The entrance is a little difficult to find as it is in the basement. It was my first time to visit here. buy a ticket to enter. There were some high school girls group. I could see men too. Goods are also sold. Their cakes are not too sweet. I think men also can enjoy here. I ate a lot of cakes especially Cheesecake. Here, such as cake. It should be a man with cheese cake Toka without so much sweet. I ate a lot. There are also variety of drinks. Here are  pizza and pasta. There […]

  • Eating” Iekei Ramen”

    Iekei Ramen (家系ラーメン) is a ramen noodle shop chain originating from a ramen shop called “Yoshimura-ya” located in Yokohama, Japan. As for the base of their soup,they  uses pork and soy sauce, and thick, flat noodles. This ramen  usually comes with slices of roast pork, nori seaweed, and spinach like above. You can choose noodle type (hard, soft) and less pork fat. This ramen shop I went was very clean, so local girl can eat alone at counter. Some shop offer free rice. You can check  it before order. Here are some Ikekei ramen shops. I hope it will be helpful to you. ikkakuya konshinya yamatoya itto oudoya haruki matsudaya otsuya Enjoy eating ” iekei ramen”!