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Gottsu Ramen has three stores near stations, starting with the main store in Kameido, followed by the Shinkoiwa store and the Akihabara store,
Gottsu Ramen is a back fat ramen restaurant.

I came to Shinkoiwa’s shop today.

This is what the shop looks like.

There are also condiments available on the table, such as vinegar, pepper, and bean-paste, so you can change the flavor to your liking later.

And you can add half a bowl of rice for free!

You can choose the flavor and quantity of Gottsu ramen depending on your taste and mood.

Noodle quantity: small/normal/medium/large
Thickness of noodles: Thick (normal noodles) / Super thick noodles
Amount of back fat: small / normal / large
Spiciness: 1 spicy / 2 spicy / 3 spicy
Amount of toppings: No / Less / More
Tsukemen noodle soup: Standard / Bonito / Yuzu
You can order your own original ramen like this.

Soy-sauce Ramen

The soup was very oily and gave the impression of being satisfying.

I was able to eat a lot of green onions.

They are open until 4:00 a.m., so when I have a craving for late-night ramen When I want to finish my ramen, I always end up going to the restaurant.

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