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Tokyo Aburagumi Sohonten” is a popular restaurant that attracts a long line of customers for its aburasoba. Aburasoba is a type of ramen that resembles ramen without the soup. Instead of soup, there is a sauce or oil at the bottom of the noodle, and the noodle is basically tossed with the sauce or oil. The noodles are usually served with a dash of raayu or vinegar. Tokyo Aburagumi Sohonten is no exception and recommends the above-mentioned way of eating aburasoba.

The menu is based on two types of soba noodles: “Aburasoba” and “Spicy Miso Aburasoba. There are three types of noodle portions: “Normal,” “Large,” and “W-mari,” all at the same price.

Abura soba

Instead of using the soup from a standard ramen, the restaurant’s aburasoba is made by mixing a special sauce that is placed in the bottom of the noodles, oil mixed with their own know-how, and a splash of raayu and vinegar, then mixing it with the hot homemade noodles. The special sauce was developed over a long period of time by the staff of “Tokyo Abu Gumi Sohonten. It is a special sauce that brings out the best flavor of the homemade noodles.

On the table are the standard items of the restaurant: raayu, vinegar, onion, pepper, and spicy sauce.

The only main menu items at “Tokyo Abu Gumi Sohonten” are “Abu Soba” and “Spicy Miso Abu Soba. However, to enjoy these two menus deliciously, side dishes such as toppings, snacks, and drinks are available.

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