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About Maruki

The owner of this restaurant, who was in charge of the kitchen of the long-established and popular restaurant “Okatsu” in Kashiwa, has opened his own restaurant.
In addition to the ramen related to Okatsu, the fried rice recommended by the owner, who comes from a background in authentic Chinese cuisine, is also highly acclaimed.

Where are they Located?

We went to Maruki Ramen restaurant. here is very well known  Ramen restaurant. Some Ramen Magazines often introduce them.

Maruki Ramen restauran’s  location is about a 7-minute walk from Matsudo Station East Exit.

This is the menu. You order to buy a meal ticket.

Their main menus are like this. Their ramen is soy sauce based soup.

There are L-shaped counter 10 seats in front of  the kitchen.

Tabletop seasoning are hot pepper, chili oil · GABAN black pepper vinegar.

We ordered regular  Ramen. This is the Ramen.

The soup is covered with lard on the surface, so there is no steam, and when you drink it hot to the end, the seafood and animal flavors flow in I think even if you are not good at dried fish soup, you will enjoy it because it does not have a unique bitter taste.

I heard that they use additive-free noodles from Eifukucho Daishoken (Kusamura Shoten), and maybe because I heard that, I felt “Oh, it’s Daishoken” the moment I ate itThe noodles are a little soft and the soup is nicely intertwined with them.

Ramen Marukiis, of course, known for its soy sauce ramen noodles with niboshi broth, but its twin is its fried rice.

These two are so good that I always have a hard time deciding which one to have as my main dish, and I am always in deep trouble.

Or, should I have a medium bowl of Ramen and a small bowl of fried rice? Or, should I have a small bowl of Chinese noodles and a medium bowl of fried rice?

Or, should I order only one of them and order a large one and enjoy the taste as much as I can?


Maruki Ramen

51-2 konemoto Matsudo chiba

Open am11~15pm・18時~23時


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