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About Ramen Kairikiya

Kitashirakawa Ramen Kairikiya was established in 2005 in Kyoto’s ramen battleground. Our signature product is “Kyoto back fat soy sauce ramen that is light but has richness and depth”. Today, it is a nostalgic ramen that is enjoyed by people of all ages and both sexes.

This red signboard is our landmark. There is a large parking lot, and many customers are drivers.

A touch-screen menu is placed at the front of the counter.
It is easy to order.

A picture of soy sauce ramen with plenty of kujo leeks on top was posted on the wall, and customers were lined up to get in. In front of the restaurant there is a smoking area, a long bench for those waiting in line, and cold barley tea.

There was chopped garlic, green onion, and takuan (pickled radish) on the table, and we ate the crisp takuan while waiting for our food.

You can choose the hardness of noodles and the amount of back fat in each ramen.

Special soy sauce ramen

The noodles are quite thin, and the portion is very generous. The taste is crisp and easy to eat because of the reduced amount of fat in the back. The flavor is something that can be enjoyed by everyone. I myself don’t go to gutsy ramen shops, but there are many families here, and it is easy on the palate.

Kyoto shikkoku Soy Sauce Ramen

The color is reminiscent of Toyama Black Ramen
The noodles are thin and straight.
Very simple flavor with very little fat density


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