About Kizunaya

Kizunaya is located in an alley behind McDonald’s in front of Ikebukuro West Exit Station.

Kizunaya gives the impression of being a “family-style ramen shop” with a strong and unique color with a strong pork bone punch.

The pork bone broth is hard-hitting, so there are different tastes and preferences.

Of course, as is typical of “Iekei Ramen,” seasonings such as garlic, ginger, and soy bean sauce are available to change the flavor of the soup.

When you hand in your meal ticket, you will be asked how hard you want your noodles, how much flavor you want, and how much oil you want.

Standard ramen

The soup is creamy soy sauce pork bone.
You can feel the pork flavor!

The noodles are bold and medium-thick.
The noodles are a perfect match with the soup.

As soon as you scoop the noodle with a bamboo skewer, you will be stimulated by the appetizing aroma unique to pork bone broth.

The chashu pork, in contrast to the soup, is almost unseasoned and crispy.

What impressed me as much as the flavor of the ramen was the energy of the staff.

The entire staff is motivated, and just by being in the restaurant, you feel energized by the wonderful atmosphere.

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