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About Marugen Ramen

Marugen Ramen is a ramen chain with around 150 stores nationwide. It has many recommended products, including its signature “Meat Soba,” condiments such as “Dorodare Rayu,” and take-out gyoza (dumplings) and karaage (fried chicken).

Marugen Ramen is a chain restaurant that originated in Aichi Prefecture and was founded in 1949, making it a very old establishment.
As is typical of the chain, the restaurant is clean and spacious, with an atmosphere similar to, well, a family restaurant, to say the least.

The parking lot is also spacious and easy to use.

Menu is like this

Marugen Ramen offers not only ramen but also a wide variety of other menu items such as gyoza, fried rice, and children’s menu.
In addition to that, the menu changes with the seasons, and there is always something new to keep you coming back.

At Marugen Ramen, we are particular not only about our ramen but also about each of our seasonings. Among them, “Dorodare Rayu”, “Aged Garlic”, and “Vinegar” are recommended as Marugen’s three major seasonings. Enjoy as many as you like for free, so add them to your ramen or fried rice to change the flavor and texture.

Yes, I have it. This is the famous meat soba.

The meat used for Marugen Ramen’s meat soba is a rare part of the meat that can only be obtained from a few kilograms of one pig. Marugen Ramen’s meat soba is also very particular about the way it is served. We recommend doubling the meat, topping it with seasoned eggs, and many other variations of nikusoba.

The noodles are medium thick. I like it.

The soup is expected to be rich, but it has an unexpectedly strong and clean soy sauce flavor.

It is a rather basic soup with pork bones and chicken bones in a soy sauce base.

At Marugen Ramen, there is a freezer case at the entrance of the restaurant.

You can purchase products that taste just like in the restaurant with easy cooking at home, or take them home freshly prepared!

Please remove the product from the case and bring it to the checkout counter.

Shoyu Tonkotsu Chashu-men

It is light and full of soy sauce flavor! The tender pork and the rich soy sauce-based broth with a soft and gentle sweetness are delicious.

Marugen Ramen offers a variety of flavors in a single bowl of meat soba, from the type of noodles to the order and amount of seasonings, and we also recommend the side dishes such as gyoza and teppan egg fried rice. We hope you will enjoy Marugen Ramen with its many specialties.

Autumn limited edition “Chicken Aburi Chicken Soba”

Chicken  Aburi Chicken Soba” is made by slowly simmering Japanese chicken broth over high heat to concentrate the flavor of chicken and the sweetness of vegetables. In addition to the rich and deep flavor of the salted broth, the aroma of ginger can be enjoyed. The thickly sliced seared chicken chashu pork and tsukune are also a key point of this dish.

Aged soy sauce black tonkotsu ramen

The noodles are thin, straight, and quite firm and elastic.

Toppings include seaweed,ajitama (seasoned egg), and chashu pork.

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