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About Yokohama Ramen Ikkakuya

Yokohama Ramen Ikkakuya is a Yokohama Ikekei ramen chain with more than 70 branches mainly in the Kanto region.

Ordering is done via a touch panel.

When ordering ramen, you can order “noodle hardness,” “flavor intensity,” and “amount of oil” to your liking.

Isn’t this one of the charms of Ie-kei Ramen?

Rice is to eat free all day!
Iekei Ramen also offers excellent cost performance with free rice.


The ingredients are chashu pork, spinach, quail egg, nori (seaweed), and green onion.

The soup is a pork bone base with chicken oil dripped into it.

I ordered it with a lot of oil and strong flavor, so it is quite thick.
The noodles are low in water content and quite thick.
The chashu pork is rolled pork belly.

soy sauce

Chinese red chili oil



Bean Paste


red pepper

Chopped onion

chopped ginger

I’m glad that there are plenty of condiments on the table.

One of the most important points of “Ichikakuya” is that they have chopped onions.

Of course garlic is a must, but Ikebana ramen becomes criminally delicious when onions are added.

This is Aburasoba

The noodles are thick and straight with a high water content.
They are thicker than regular ramen noodles and have a firmer texture, making them a perfect match for this soup-less menu!

The chashu pork was cut into dice less than 1 cm in length, and was of a dry type, which was easier to eat than if it were served as it was.

This is a pretty convenient family-style ramen restaurant.

I was fully satisfied!

Well then! That’s all for today!

Thank you for the Ramen!

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