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  • Tarako(cod roe) flavor Japanese senbei

      This is Limited time offer senbei whichi is sold at Family mart. This is called Dashi ga umai te shio ya.   That means soup is good. But there is no soup. Only 100 yen! very reasonable. This is Tarako(cod roe) flavor.   I like their senbei. Here is their URL: Their other series is also good to buy.  

  • Soiya Ramen

    We went to Soiya Ramen in Matsudo. This is their entrance.It seems Students got Free egg or large size upgrade. At  lunch time, you may need to make a line. There is no parking lot. This is their Amazing Miso Ramen.  wow, 200g roasted pork fillet! You oder to buy a meal ticket. This is Miso ramen. It cost 760yen. Soup is delicious. The bean sprouts is also good. And roasted pork fillet is also delicious  The wonderful barbecued pork. Thanks for the meal! Soiya Ramen 1150 Masudo Chiba Map:

  • Maruki

    We went to Maruki Ramen restaurant. here is very well known  Ramen restaurant. Some Ramen Magazines often introduce them. Maruki Ramen restauran’s  location is about a 7-minute walk from Matsudo Station East Exit. This is the menu. You order to buy a meal ticket. Their main menus are like this. Their ramen is soy sauce based soup. There are L-shaped counter 10 seats in front of  the kitchen. Tabletop seasoning are hot pepper, chili oil · GABAN black pepper vinegar. We ordered regular  Ramen. This is the Ramen. Maruki Ramen 51-2 konemoto Matsudo chiba Open am11~15pm・18時~23時 Map:

  • Hokkaido Ramen Himuro

    It become completely ramen battleground in Matsudo now a day . Here is a delicious miso ramen restaurant  near the JR Matsudo Station The ramen restaurant is like this. You may need to line up by the time zone. They are located Matsudo Station West exit. Because it is not a meal ticket system, and You need to order verbally to the clerk. We had the miso ramen. Miso ramen 780 yen . Their Soup is pork based miso soup. feeling pork and miso is good. Eveb though miso ramen, their miso ramen is not salty. On the counter table, there are garlic,  gangs red pepper, pepper, and vinegar. Hokkaido Ramen Himuro Matsudo 1-13-26 HONCHO […]

  • Kameido Tenjin Shrine

    When you Visit Kameido Tenjin Shrine, you will feel elegant atmosphere. They are very famous for its Fuji Flower. Kameido Tenjin Shrine (亀戸天神社) is located 10min walk from JR kinchicho station. The temple is easily accessible via JR and metro lines. During the festival dates it is easy to see lines of people surrounding the blossoms, not to mention the food, ice cream and festival themed wares around the area. Kameido Tenjin was built in 1646 to enshrine Sugawara no Michizane, the God of Education. This red bridge is the landmark. You can see Fuji blooms during end of April to beginning of May. This is Kameido Tenjin Shrine. You can play Omikuji. There are Foreign version too. Ema. Kameido […]

  • How to go to Toyoko inn Narita airport

    Toyoko Inn is a well known hotel chain with over 200 hotels located throughout Japan. There is a Toyoko inn Narita airport as well. How to go to Toyoko inn Narita airport. Go to terminal 2 1F central exit. Go to 31B bus stop. There is a free bus operating to Toyoko inn.   This is the time table. Check-in & Check-out Time: Check in is at 16:00. You may check in prior to 16:00 but are not allowed access to your room until 16:00. Check out is at 10:00.  Payment is required at check-in. Toyoko inn Narita airport Address: Japan, 〒286-0106 Chiba Prefecture, Narita, Tokko, 560 Phone: +81 476-33-0451

  • kuzumochi restaurant Kameido Funabashiya

    Kameido Funabashiya is very famous for Kuzumochi.They are located 10min walk from Kinshicho station. They have been established since 1805. very old restaurant. They are very popular so you may need to make a line. We actually wait for 15min to enter. This is Kuzumochi. very very Yummy! You can also take a way. Funabashiya kameido main shop 3 Chome-2-14 Kameido, Kōtō-ku, Tōkyō-to 136-0071, Japan Open:9:00~18:00 website: Map:

  • Uobei Super Flying Sushi Restaurant

    I went to Uobei Super Flying Sushi Restaurant  near my house! Every dish is 105yen! his is a new trend in Japan based on the kaiten-zushi, conveyor belt sushi, model. In this new style sushi is only prepared once the customer orders it. There is a touch panel ,and English page too. So you do not need to worry to order! There are sweets as well! cool! Tuna!   Touch and order! That’s all! There are soy source etc. My dish is coming! Very very yummy! This is Tempra sushi! I hear this is very popular among foreigners. This touch panel is also used for checking. Bring the bill to the counter. and […]

  • Usaburo Kokeshi

    Usaburo Kokeshi (卯三郎こけし) is the Japanese customary doll “Kokeshi” shop and producer in Gunma Prefecture. The author Mr. Usaburo Okamoto has outlined and created Kokeshi. Not just creating customary style of Kokeshi, Mr. Usaburo has been testing new style of Kokeshi. Usaburo Kokeshies are the colossal agreement of customary and cutting edge style of Kokeshi which created by the best originators. Usaburo Kokeshi has around 300 sorts of Kokeshies. Kokeshies are incredible for keepsake, wedding, mother’s and Father’s day, birthday, youngsters’ day, and other festival. All of Usaburo Kokeshi are outline by wining honor originators beginning with the organizer Mr. Usaburo. From those new composed Kokeshi, Usaburo Kokeshi delivers new […]

  • Tamura Brewery

    Tamura Brewery (田村酒造所, tamurasyuzojo) is the one of the most established Sake Brewery in Tokyo which opened at 1822 by Mr. Kanjiro Tamura. The name of their image “Kasen” is named from their well water from Chichibu-Okutama water. The water is the best quality for making Sake. Regardless they utilize the same well which exhausted around 200 years prior. The most loved Sake in Tamura Brewery, is “Maboroshi no Sake.” It is Honjozo-sake(本醸造酒). The perfect of “Maboroshi no Sake” is the best quality with sensible cost. Look at the Best nature of Sake! Tamura Brewery has around 200 years of history of making Sake. A percentage of the building are […]