How to get to JIYUGAOKA de aone

About JIYUGAOKA de aone

JIYUGAOKA de aone” opened on the site of the former Peacock Store, which had been in operation for about 52 years, about a 2-minute walk from Jiyugaoka Station.

Based on the concept of a “natural and spontaneous place to relax” where one can suddenly reach in one’s daily life or while walking around town, the new Jiyugaoka de aone will feature an approximately 1,000 m2 green terrace where local residents can gather, as well as 26 unique specialty stores, including six neあw business categories.

How to get there

Tokyu Toyoko Line and Tokyu Oimachi Line Jiyugaoka Station (main entrance) 150m west (2-minute walk)


It is close to the station, and both the exterior and interior are fashionable and stylish, typical of Jiyugaoka.

It has restaurants and cultural facilities, and you can enjoy the greenery on the rooftop and relax on the terrace while enjoying the fresh air.


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Meet Japanese Freinds


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