Nagoya’s Top 10 Must-Buy Souvenirs/Get those top 10 Nagoya souvenirs

You don’t know what to buy when you arrive in Nagoya?

Are you worried about what to bring to your friends and family?
Don’t worry, let us tell you what are the best souvenirs to take home from Nagoya!

1. Akafuku Cakes

One of the top three souvenirs in Japan, Ise’s special Akafuku cakes are a must-have in Nagoya! “Its signature Akafuku cakes are filled with sweet but not greasy red bean paste and covered with dense mochi, and the moment you bite into them, you’re going to explode with happiness!

For the sake of quality, no preservatives or colourings are added to the cakes! If you’ve bought any, be sure to try them quickly!

Price: 2 for 230 yen / 8 for 720 yen
Where to buy: JR Nagoya Station souvenir shops, department stores, see website for shop information
official website: ▶︎

2.Piyorin cake

Café Gentiane in Nagoya Station has recently launched Piyorin, a chicken-shaped sponge cake based on a crossed-toed chicken, and because of its cute shape, Piyorin has become a must-buy souvenir in Nagoya! However, because Piyorin is made of pudding and Bavarian cream, you must finish it the day you buy it.

If you want to take it back home, there are also chicken-shaped biscuits and chocolates, but they are only available at Café Gentiane in JR Nagoya Station!

Purchase location: Café Gentiane, 1-1-4 Meie Station, Nakamura-ku, Nagoya City, Aichi Prefecture (near the Shinkansen Central Exit of JR Nagoya Station)
Opening hours: 7:00am to 22:00pm
Price: sponge cake – depending on shape (approx. 500 yen each) / biscuit – 10 in 822 yen / chocolate – 4 in 515 yen

3.Shrimp cracker Yukari

“Sakakaku Sohonpo’s Yukari, the famous Japanese shrimp scallops, are made from fresh shrimp meat and baked slowly, with a rich shrimp flavour and a crispy texture with the aroma of fresh shrimp. “Sakakaku Sohonpo also offers Yukari in a variety of flavours and regional specialities, so don’t forget to take away the golden jar, which is only available in Nagoya!

All department stores, JR Nagoya Station Gift Station Nagoya
Price: 8 pieces in a bag 691 yen / 10 pieces in a can 918 yen / 12 pieces in a box 1,080 yen / 10 pieces of Nagoya limited edition gold perogies 918 yen

4.Hatcho Miso Buns

Nagoya’s famous “Haruwado” Hatchin Miso Buns are made using a traditional natural miso paste to add flavour to the original bun crust and a carefully boiled Hokkaido red bean paste filling. Only in Nagoya can you find the beautiful and unique Hatcho Miso Buns of “Haruwado”!

Where to buy: JR Nagoya Station Grand Shop Nagoya

Price: 2 for 237 yen


Seicho has been around for over 300 years and is a very famous local wagyu shop in Nagoya. They have a fluffy crust and a sweet red bean puree inside, which makes it very tasty.

Where to buy: JR Nagoya Station, department stores, Ryokuya is a Kiyoshi shop see here
Price: 5-piece 820 yen / 10-piece 1695 yen

6.Rice flour cake

Rice flour cake is one of Japan’s most representative traditional wagashi, made by steaming rice flour with sugar and water, and Aoyagi Sohonke in Nagoya is the most famous of them all! There are five different flavours, including matcha and cherry blossom, and the rice flour cakes have a refreshing texture that is not to be missed in Nagoya!

Where to buy: Nagoya station, department stores, directly-managed shops see here
Price: 378 yen per box

7.Momo no yakata elegant Nagoya girl

Designed with the elegant Nagoya girl with a stylish designer bag and long curly hair walking through the streets of Nagoya in mind, “Peach Blossom Pavilion” Nagoya Girl is a sandwich biscuit made from crispy biscuits baked with nuts and rich white chocolate. The concept and the deliciousness of these cookies have made them a popular souvenir, both inside and out!

Where to buy: Nagoya Station
Price: 540JPY for 14 bars / 1,080JPY for 30 bars

8.Golden dolphin

The golden dolphin, the patron saint of Nagoya, is a popular snack because of its appearance. The outer layer is made from fresh eggs and filled with a rich and delicious castaway sauce or Hokkaido red bean paste.

Purchase: Nagoya Castle Main Gate Yokoshop (1-1 Honjyo, Naka-ku, Nagoya City, Aichi Prefecture), Nagoya Castle Uchiken Shop
Price: 6 in 840 yen

9.Red bean sandwich flavor KitKat

KitKat chocolates are available in each region, and many people travel all over Japan to collect different flavours. The KitKat Red Bean Toast is a popular breakfast item in Nagoya and is a must-order at cafes.

Where to buy: Supermarkets
Price: 864 yen for a box of 12

十、 Calbee Spicy sauce chicken wings flavor

Inspired by Nagoya’s popular chicken wings with hot sauce, the Tokai region’s limited edition Calbee has a sweet and sour taste with spicy pepper and the crunchy texture of Calbee fries, making every bite a feast for the palate! The box is also carefully designed with Nagoya’s patron saint, the golden dolphin, making it a must-have souvenir when in Nagoya!

Where to buy: Supermarkets, Nagoya Station
Price: 8,864 yen for a box

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