【Shopping】Do you know “Book Off” ?

Do you know “Book Off” ?

Book Off is Japan’s largest chain of used book store.
There are over  800 locations nationwide.
In the USA, There are 8 Book Offs  ,and 5 are in Southern California.


Japanese books, magazines, CDs, and DVDs, and everything is sold at a very  discount price.
Some are sold at just 100 yen! and thier condiion is not bad. still good condition.  Many Manga are just 100 yen!
There were lovely rows of books, all lined up. So many of the Japanese books look the same, very non-descript.


Here DVD and foreign book section.

20150710_151952_636 20150710_151922_358

CDs are also very reasonable. some are just 100 yen.


some store called book off Bazaar sells brand clothings and bags. I saw fitting room so You can try it on before you buy.

20150710_151646_893 20150710_151658_726

If you want to find a Book Off near you,Here where You can find link/website for bookoff location.

Book off

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