Hiroshima must buy recommended 10 gifts,souvenirs

There are various spots in Hiroshima prefecture, such as the atomic bomb dome, a historic building related to World War II.

There are many tourists, and souvenirs are plentiful, and you will be wondering which one to buy and return.

So this time, we select 10 such souvenirs from Hiroshima for you.


1.Cream Bread

Speaking of Hiroshima, some people may think of “cream bread” first. The dough is very fluffy and the combination with the cream inside is exquisite. Eating cold is also recommended as a way to eat.

Hattendo’s cream bread was originally made over the course of three years to improve the deliciousness, fluffy and melting cream of the popular product at Hattendo.  In addition, seasonal products such as anko cream and mango cream are also available.

・ Name: Hattendo
・ Address: 1-5-20, Minatomachi, Mihara-shi, Hiroshima
・ Price: 200 yen (tax included)

2.maple buns

The standard souvenir for Hiroshima is maple buns. maple buns is manufactured by many Hiroshima souvenir makers, and among them, the one that has a reputation for being delicious is the “maple buns” from “Yamada Miyazaki Honten”. In particular, “Cream maple buns” has a rich cream and fluffy dough that feels good and is very popular with coffee and tea.

Here, They have been making maple buns since our establishment in 1974. Although the production was temporarily suspended due to the war, it has been safely resumed and here is a famous store for maple buns now. For those who want to make their own “Yamadaya” maple buns, you can also try hand-baked maple buns at the Miyajima head office or factory.

・ Name: Yamada-ya
・ Address: 835-1 Miyajimacho, Hatsukaichi, Hiroshima
・ Price: 460 yen (including tax, 5 pieces)
・ Official site URL: https://momiji-yamadaya.co.jp/

3.Hitotsubu Muscat

“Hititsubu Muscat” is a sweet from the venerable famous confectionery store “Shunka Shunka @ Kyorakudo”. One whole Alexandria Muscat, which can be grown only in summer, is wrapped in fertilizer. This is a popular item that is sure to be pleased as a souvenir.

Unfortunately, Hitotsubashi Muscat is a seasonal product limited to the summer season, but of course, Korakudo also sells delicious sweets at other times. For autumn and winter sightseeing in Hiroshima, other products of Kyoraku-do, such as Mont Blanc, Ichigo Daifuku, and chocolate sweets, are also recommended.

・ Name: Shunka Shunka Kyourakudo
・ Address: 1-7-27, Minatomachi, Mihara-shi, Hiroshima
・ Price: 1,000 yen for 4 tablets (excluding tax)

5-color Traditional Japanese Mini-Confectionery Holiday Bundle

4.Kawadori mochi

Kawadori mochi is also synonymous with Japanese sweets in Hiroshima. Mix the walnuts inside the fertilizer and dust with Kinako. By the way, this product is sold only in genuine Hiroshima, so This is a souvenir that everyone knows.

・ Name: Sweets shop Kameya
・ Address: 1-1-13 Hikaricho, Higashi-ku, Hiroshima-shi
・ Price: 648 yen (including tax, 15 pieces)
・ Reference site URL:http://loco.yahoo.co.jp/place/g-_rjRRXLD_mA/

5.Nama momiji (Raw maple)

If you are getting tired of the Castella-style maple buns, please try Nishikido Raw Momiji.

The skin of the soto is durable, and when chewed, the bean paste and the exquisite collab are created, making it a very delicious treat. The moist texture is addictive.

Some have a set of three flavors: matcha, koshi bean paste, and bean paste. Matcha is made with high quality matcha (domestic tea leaves) mixed with both the outside mochi and the inside bean paste, making it rich in flavor. This is a gem made from this raw maple, fresh mochi, clean groundwater, and carefully selected red beans from Tokachi, Hokkaido.

・ Name: Nishikido
・ Price: 770 yen for 6 pieces
・Official site URL:http://www.nisikido.net/

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6.Seaweed soy sauce

The oysters are seasoned with soy sauce soaked in the flavor, so they match well with the dishes. This is good to use it for rice balls, but if you crush it and cook it, it will be one accent.

The seaweed is used only as a raw material, carefully selected from laver production areas throughout Japan. The rich flavor and rich nutrients of oysters from Hiroshima are added to the nori, which is full of flavor, creating an unprecedented taste. A recipe using this seaweed is introduced on Hiroshima seaweed’s site, so please try it in various ways.

・ Name: Hiroshima nori
・ Address: 1-354 Kokushin, Kaita-cho, Aki-gun, Hiroshima
・ Price: 486 yen (excluding tax, 60 sheets)
・website URL:http://www.hiroshimanori.co.jp/

7.Hassaku jelly

Hiroshima is a famous Hassaku region, so jelly that uses luxuriously harvested Hassaku is popular because This is very delicious when cooled and eaten.

This has a refreshing sour taste and bitterness that can be used as a moderate accent, while the jelly on the tongue and the tongue combine to make it a delicious snack for both adults and children. Because the pulp is firmly contained, you can also enjoy the texture of the fruit itself.

・ Distributor: Onomichi Agricultural Cooperative
・ Price: 3,260 yen (12 pieces)

8.Rice scoop

Rice scoop is famous on Miyajima in Hiroshima. In particular, the rice scoop of the “Ladle House” has become a popular lucky charm. It is said that it was created a long time ago because the shape of rice scoops resembled the biwa possessed by Benten-sama of the Seven Lucky Gods. They say that they are lucky to scoop.

・ Name: Scoop House
・ Address: 488 Miyajimacho, Hatsukaichi, Hiroshima
・ Price: 5,500 yen

9.Hiroshima lemon fruit water pack

Hiroshima is a famous citrus-producing area as a whole, but lemon is a specialty. That’s why this Hiroshima lemon fruit water mask was created to incorporate into beauty. In fact, 85% of this mask pack is made from Hiroshima lemon.

When you open the pack, the refreshing aroma of lemon rises softly, and a mask containing plenty of serum and lemon fruit water appears. Because no fragrance is used, This has a pure lemon water scent. In addition to lemon fruit extract, This also contains seawater.

・ Distributor: Seven Oceans Tradings
・ Price: 1,300 yen (tax included)

10.Melon bread

Hiroshima melon bread is shaped like a rugby ball, and the color of the baked dough is like lemon. Hiroshima is also famous for producing lemon, but melon bread is similar in shape to lemon. The dough is very moist, and the ingredients are as good as custard cream and white bean paste.

・ Name: Melonpan Main Store
・ Address: 7-14-1 Hondori, Kure City, Hiroshima Prefecture
・ Access: 20 minutes on foot from Kure Station
・ Operating Hours: 5: 00-17: 00 (Closes when sold out)
・ Regular holiday: Sunday
・ Fee: ¥ 168 each

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