How to get to Hiroshima City Asa Zoological Park

About Hiroshima City Asa Zoological Park

Located in Anza-Kita-ku, Hiroshima City, Hiroshima Prefecture, Japan, Anza Zoological Park was first established in 1971 and is one of the most popular zoos in Hiroshima City. It covers a vast area and houses a wide variety of animals including giraffes, African elephants, red pandas, tigers, etc. It has a wide range of species and excellent facilities, making it a great place for children and even adults to visit and learn about animals.

In 2010, the “Lion Glass Pavilion” was opened to visitors, allowing them to observe the lions’ movements through glass. In the popular Pichiku Park, visitors can get close to animals such as goats, sheep, and guinea pigs, and on Saturdays, Sundays, and other holidays, they can participate in pony rides, which are very popular with children. In addition to providing the most comfortable environment for visitors to see animals, the park also cooperates with other zoos to protect endangered species of wildlife, and has made significant scientific achievements such as breeding giant salamanders, black rhinoceroses, and zebras.

How to get there

From Shin-Shirotori Station or Omachi Station on the Kabe Line to Kamiyasu Station on the Astram Line – get off at Dobutsu Koen-mae bus stop for buses bound for Asahigaoka or Iimuro.


One of the leading zoos in western Japan, located in the northern suburbs of Hiroshima City. The zoo exhibits a large number of animals, including giraffes, African elephants, red pandas, cheetahs, tigers, and lions, in its spacious grounds. At the popular “Pichiku Park,” visitors can interact with goats and rabbits, and enjoy pony rides. The powerful glass-enclosed tiger and leopard enclosures are also a highlight.


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