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About Pokemon Center Tokyo Bay

The Pokémon Center is located in the west wing of Lalaport TOKYO-BAY. Statues of Pikachu, Hibani, and Harimaron are prominently displayed at the entrance to welcome visitors. It is a rather small store, but there is a space for Pokemon card battles, and it is crowded with people.

How to get there

There is a free shuttle bus from Funabashi Keibajo Station.
On weekdays, it will take about 5 minutes.On weekends, it will take about 15 minutes because the roads are busy.


The store is quite spacious, with space for Pokémon card battles in addition to the merchandise section. The store sells a wide variety of goods, including standard items, limited-time items, and limited edition items that can only be purchased at this store. Therefore, please note that the store may be crowded on weekends and holidays when popular items are on sale, and in some cases, admission may be restricted.

The store’s blue lighting creates an atmosphere as if you are in a laboratory in the Pokemon world, and plush toys of various sizes are available.

Stationery such as pencils and notebooks popular among elementary school students are also available.

The store also has a Pokémon Card Station where customers can play card games.

In this section, they hold Pokémon card game events such as “Pokémon Card Game Class,” an event for beginners, and other Pokémon card game events such as battles.

The Pokémon Center also offers special gifts to visitors in their birthday month.

In addition to a wide variety of products such as plush toys, stationery, lunch boxes, and clothing, the official Pokémon store offers many fun events and services for Pokémon fans.

Even the staff’s entrances and exits are stylish and cool, recreating the Pokémon world.

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