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About Shiogama Jinja

Shiosho Shrine is a shrine located in Shiosho City, Miyagi Prefecture, Japan. It is the first shrine in Rokuoku and has been revered by the imperial court and the people since ancient times. It is a famous tourist attraction in Shiozaki City and has played a very important role in the development of Shiozaki City. In the Meiji era, the shrine was moved to Shiozaki Shrine from Shibahiko Shrine.

The main shrine of Shiozao Shrine was built in 1704 by the donation of Date Tsunemura, the 4th lord of Sendai domain, and Date Yoshimura, the 5th lord of Sendai domain. 3 main halls and 2 worship halls were built side by side, and their composition is rare in the country. At present, the 14 buildings in the shrine, including the main shrine, the worship hall, the four foot gate, and the stone torii (a plaque in front of the shrine), have been designated as important cultural properties of Japan. The courtyard of Shiosho Shrine is surrounded by a mixed three-story forest of coniferous and broad-leaved trees, creating a solemn atmosphere in which visitors can enjoy a peaceful atmosphere while taking in the spectacular views of the islands of Matsushima Bay. In addition, the “Shiozakura Cherry Blossoms” in the Shiozakura Shrine are also very famous, and they are very beautiful in early May every year.

How to get there

1-1 Ichimoriyama, Shiogama, Miyagi 985-8510, Japan


The parking lot is large and free, which is quite good. I went first thing in the morning and although there were a few people there, the solemn atmosphere was pleasant and I was able to have a good visit.


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