How to get to Kinkasan from Onagawa Port

Kinkasan can be accessed by regular boats and sea cabs from Ayukawa and Onagawa ports.
From Onagawa Port, marine cabs and regular boats operate once a day on Sundays only.

How to get to Onagawa Port

The nearest station to Onagawa Port is Onagawa Station. It can be accessed from Sendai Airport or Sendai Station by train or bus.

The extra flight from Onagawa Port includes the option of a “Kinkasan Power Spot Tour”.

JR Onagawa Station
Walk (approx. 10 min)→ Onagawa Port (boat: to Kinkasan: approx. 35 min) → Kinkasan

Onagawa Port (boat to Kinkasan: approx. 35 min.) → Kinkasan *Booking is required only on Sundays and holidays.
Regular ferry: UShio planing
Weekdays, use a marine cab (reservation required).
Kinkasan Kanko Cruise, Sea Dream Kinkasan Kisen, Sea Taxi Nabe-chan

Onagawa – Kinkasan Route Regular Sailing Schedule

You can make a reservation over the phone with just your name and phone number.
The fee is paid at the counter by saying the name of the reservation.

If you want Whole Japan Rail Pass, first make a ticket reservation!
If you have a discount coupon, you can make a reservation and purchase tickets online at a discount price.

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