All you have to know about Seabus Yokohama

What’s about Seabus Yokohama

Seabus Yokohama is a water bus that allows passengers to travel by boat on the waters of Yokohama from the city to Minato Mirai and to various tourist attractions.

Seabus Yokohama operates year-round, with one to two runs per hour. The number and times remain basically the same on weekends and holidays, but one more bus runs on weekends and holidays until after 7:00 p.m.

There are currently four Seabus in operation. The first Seabus, Seabus No. 1, was launched in 1986, followed by Seabus No. 5, a blue Seabus designed by Keikyu, Seabus ZERO in 2020, and Seabus ACE in 2021. Each Seabus will offer passengers an enjoyable water transportation experience with a view of the bustling Port of Yokohama.

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The rear deck of the Seabus has a deck where passengers can cruise while enjoying the sea breeze. The ports and the scenery to be seen are all famous sightseeing spots in Yokohama, and you will want to take a commemorative photo with any of them in the background.

Where to get on

Yokohama Sea Bus has 4 stops

Yokohama Station East Exit

Located on the 2nd floor of Yokohama Bay Quarter.

How to access from Yokohama Station

1. Exit Yokohama Station through the “Kita-Higashi Exit” ticket gate.

2. After exiting the ticket gate, turn right, go up the stairs (there is an elevator), and follow the “Bay Quarter Walk (pedestrian bridge)” down the street.

3. Walk for about 3 minutes and you will arrive at the Bay Quarter. Go down the stairs to the right of the bakery in front of you, and you will find a McDonald’s. The Sea Bus stop is next to it.

For more information ⇒ Access information on the official Bay Quarter website

Yamashita Park Boarding Terminal

It is located right next to “Hikawa Maru” in Yamashita Park, about a 5-minute walk from Exit 4 of Motomachi-Chukagai Station on the Minatomirai Line.

Minatomirai boarding platform (Pukari-Sanbashi Bridge)

About 10 minutes walk from Exit 5 of Minato Mirai Station on the Minato Mirai Line or about 15 minutes walk from Sakuragi-cho Station on the JR Railway. Located behind the Yokohama Grand Intercontinental Hotel.

Red Brick Boarding Platform

Located on the pier on the seaward side of the Red Brick Warehouse No. 1. A 10-minute walk from Bashamichi Station or Nihon-odori Station on the Minato Mirai Line.

How to purchase tickets locally

Since there is no information on how to purchase tickets on the official website or in the pamphlet, those who have never ridden the bus may be confused.

You need to go directly to the ticket counter at each bus stop and buy tickets from a ticket vending machine or at the ticket counter.

Electronic payment methods such as suica and PASMO are not accepted, and only cash is accepted.

You cannot make reservations online or by phone in advance (however, this is possible for groups of 15 or more people).

Tickets are released 10 minutes before the departure time. This is not to say, “Well, just get there 10 minutes before.”

When it is crowded, there can be a long line of people waiting in line long before the ticket sale time.

There are three Seabus routes. (The time in parentheses is the time required.

<Direct route
Yokohama Station East Exit←(15 min)→Yamashita Park

<Transit service
Yokohama Station East Exit←(10 minutes)→Pukari Pier←(5 minutes)→Red Brick Warehouse←(10 minutes)→Yamashita Park

Yokohama Station East Exit←(10 min)→Red Brick Warehouse←(10 min)→Yamashita Park

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