How to get to Shin-Enojima Aquarium

About Shin-Enojima Aquarium

The Shin-Enojima Aquarium is the closest to the waterfront within the capital and the oldest aquarium in Japan. It has been rebuilt in a major project and has a huge three-dimensional tank and a collection of jellyfish. The aquarium is also the prototype of the aquarium where the hero and heroine of “Akira no Memories 6” and “Akira no Memories 6NR” went together.

How to get there

Three minutes walk from Katase Enoshima Station

2-19-1, Katase Coast, Fujisawa City, Kanagawa Prefecture

Official web page


I like it even though it’s small.

Shin-Enojima Aquarium is actually a rather small aquarium, and I personally feel that it is relatively uninteresting. The night show is one of the few highlights of the aquarium. Jellyfish display and dolphin show can be seen. You can get a discount on tickets with an Enoden one-day ticket or an Enoshima Kamakura Weekend ticket.

It is really a place where many Japanese people come to date, no wonder many Japanese dramas and movies will appear, hahahaha

Not much worse than the domestic aquarium, the starry sky aquarium on the flyer, the actual is a small light show

It is the oldest aquarium in Japan and the closest to the waterfront within the capital. The aquarium is the oldest aquarium in Japan and the closest to the waterfront within the capital, and it was once rebuilt in a major project. Kanagawa Prefecture Shin-Enojima Aquarium is an exciting and relaxing adventure aquarium, and it offers an incredible experience of marine life.

I didn’t get in until after 3:00, so I didn’t have enough time to walk around. Many Japanese dramas have been filmed here, right? See a little dolphin show is also close to the semi-open air, the back is the sea ~ jellyfish show kawaii ~ aquarium outside is the beach, super many couples sitting on the stairs blowing sea breeze. Enoshima and lighthouse is also very close!

Superb aquarium, especially the fish passing overhead at all times that section super like, there is a pool outside with two green turtles, the end of the tour can twist the twister or draw a cartoon, full of return

Superb, seals and dolphins are very lively, penguins are very cute, a variety of fish, very good memories

The aquarium itself is not large and does not have many features, but when the weather is good you can see Mount Fuji at the entrance.
In front of the mountain is the sea is magnificent

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