Top 5 Popular Ski Resorts in Japan!

When you go to Japan in winter, you can’t miss skiing! But there are so many ski resorts in Japan, such as Hokkaido, Osaka, Karuizawa, etc. How to choose? Is it easy to get around? Is it suitable for beginners or experts?

1. Osaka, Kyoto: Lake Biwa Valley

If you are traveling to Japan on your own, or if you have children or elders with you and are not that skilled at skiing, Osaka Biwako is the place for you! It is not too far from downtown Osaka, so it is suitable even for a same day round trip.

This ski resort is not only suitable for beginners, but also for parents and children, and if children do not want to ski, there are snow tubs to play on the snow. On the way to the gondola, you can also see Lake Biwa from afar, which is covered in snow and has a beautiful and poetic view.

Note that although instructors can be hired at the ski resort, most of them are Japanese. If you purchase a day trip, the lift, ski chairs, and meal tickets are all included in the package!

Target: Self-supporting travelers, parents, children and elders in Osaka and Kyoto, skiing beginners, and those who prefer to enjoy the snow.
Location: Shiga-ken, Ōtsu-shi, Kido, 1547-1, Japan 〒520-0514
Opening hours: Mid-December to March every year (we recommend you check the website before you go)

Access: Take the JR to Shiga Station and transfer to bus #68.

2. Osaka: Mount Rokko

Osaka’s Mount Rokko is a popular destination for seeing Kobe at night, but it’s also a popular skiing destination for parents and children, and there’s plenty of time for a round trip to Osaka on the same day! While skiing, you can also enjoy a great view of the whole of Kobe.

The ski slopes at Rokko Mountain Ski Park are gently sloping, making it ideal for beginners, and there is also a snow playground for children to play in the snow and toboggan, so you can have fun without worrying.

Suitable for: Self-guided travelers to Osaka and Kobe, parents and children, elders, skiing beginners, and those who prefer to enjoy snow and snow play.
Location: 〒658-0000 Higashitan-ku, Kobe City, Hyogo Prefecture

Hours:Mid-December to end of March
Access:Take the Kobe City Bus (No. 16) and get off at the Rokko Ropeway from Hanshin Mikage, JR Rokko Road or Hankyu Rokko Station.

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3. Karuizawa: Prince Hotel Ski Resort

If you go to Tokyo in winter, you can’t miss Karuizawa, which is located in the suburbs of Tokyo! Karuizawa is not only a popular place for skiing in Japan, but also a resort for Japanese people, and there is an outlet if you don’t want to ski! Karuizawa’s ski resort also offers appointments with English-speaking instructors!

I think you can come to Karuizawa for three days and two nights, so you can ski, travel, shopping outlet can be both, time is also more abundant! If you stay at a hotel, there is usually a ski voucher included, and if it’s low season and weekdays, the price is very affordable!

Suitable for: Tokyo self-guided travelers, those who want to learn skiing seriously, or those who have a certain level of skiing, or those who prefer skiing style, if you are a beginner, it is recommended to book an instructor to teach you.

Location: Karuizawa, Karuizawa-cho, Kitasakyu-gun Nagano 389-0102 Japan

Open: Nov. to April (night skiing is only open on holidays and public holidays)
Access: Take the Shinkansen to Karuizawa (we recommend checking your itinerary first and then choosing which exit to take)

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4. Mt.Fuji:Snowtown Yeti

Another option for skiing from Tokyo is the popular Snowtown Yeti, a ski resort located in the backdrop of Mt. There are ski slopes for beginners to advanced skiers, and there is also a snow play area for children. If you like snowboarding, don’t miss the Bounce Zone, where there are ski jumps, boxes and rails for you to challenge!

Target: Tokyo self-guided travelers, those who want to learn to ski seriously, or those who have a certain level of skiing, those who prefer the skiing style, but also suitable for parents and children together!

Location: 2428 Fujiwara, Suyama, Susono City, Shizuoka Prefecture
Hours: Early October – Early April
Access: By bus from JR Gotenba Station, Mishima Station, Susono Station, and Fuji Station (Fuji Hakone PASS or Mt. Fuji Free Pass available)

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5. Hokkaido: Sapporo International Ski Resort

Sapporo International Ski Resort is the largest snow resort around Sapporo, with seven runs in the area, most of which can be skied all the way down from the top of the mountain, making it a popular place for Sapporo people to engage in snow activities. Sapporo International Ski Resort has soft powder snow, so falls are less painful, and there is a special ski area for overseas beginners and Chinese instructors, so it’s perfect for first-time skiers!

The ski area covers beginners to advanced skiers, and there is also a children’s snow park with sledding, ski loops and a ski area for young children, and a gondola ride to the top with a view of Otaru Street and the Sea of Japan, so even if you don’t ski, you can still have a great time here!

Target: Self-guided tour of Hokkaido, suitable for beginners who want to learn skiing seriously or those who have a certain level of skiing, and suitable for parents and children even though it is ski-oriented!
Location: 937 Ding Mountain Kei, Minami-ku, Sapporo City, Hokkaido
Hours: Mid-November to early May
Access: Take the “Hokkaido Resort Liner” ski bus, which departs directly from Sapporo City or Sapporo New Chitose Airport.

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Extra: Hokkaido: Furano Prince Hotel Ski Resort

Hokkaido Furano Skiing and Sapporo International Ski Resort are both powder skiing and perfect for beginners. Although Furano is not as famous as Niseko, it is also less crowded and less crowded because of that!

If you’re like me and hate crowds, and want to ski with ease, choose Furano! Furano Ski Resort is also a ski resort with world-class water and has held many international events, and is well-equipped and complete.

Suitable for: Self-guided tours in Hokkaido, beginners who want to learn skiing seriously, skiers with a certain level of experience, skiers who prefer to ski, but also suitable for parents and children!
Location: Nakagoryo, Furano City Hokkaido 076-8511 Japan
Hours: December – end of March

Transportation: Furano bus “Lavender”, about 18 minutes by car / If you are going to the Furano Prince Hotel area, the hotel provides a free shuttle bus.

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