How to get on Tosaden Transportation tram

They started operation on May 2, 1904 (37th year of Meiji), making it 114 years old this year! It is the oldest existing streetcar in Japan.

The current line consists of three lines: the Gomen Line between Harimayabashi and Gomen-cho, the Ino Line between Harimayabashi and Ino, and the Sanbashi Line between Kochi Ekimae and Sanbashi-dori 5-chome, with a total length of 25.3 km. The total length of the line is 25.3 km, making it the longest streetcar line in Japan among all the streetcars in the country.

The tram is very convenient for the following

Travel from Kochi Station to Kochi Castle
From Kochi Station to Hirome Market
From Kochi Station to Harimayabashi Bridge

How to get on the tram

The tram stop (station) is basically in the middle of the street, so you have to cross the street on a pedestrian crossing.

Wait for the tram, which comes every 5 minutes, so you can get on relatively quickly.

The entrance is at the back door, so you board from the rear.

When boarding, take a numbered ticket. You do not pay the fare in advance, but afterwards.

After that, press the button to stop the tram before arriving at the station where you want to get off.

The fare is posted on the electric board in front of you, so check it along with your numbered ticket.

How to Pay Fares

Fares are paid later, not in advance

When using a one-day pass
One-day passes can be purchased on the streetcar, at the Harimayabashi Service Center, or in the Tosaterasu.
If you buy a ticket inside a streetcar, tell the driver after the train stops.

Unlimited rides within the city
(between Kochi Ekimae and Sanbashidori 5-chome, and between Kochi Ekimae and Sanbashidori 5-chome)
Adult: 500 yen
Children: 250 yen
Unlimited rides on all lines
Adult: 1,000 yen
Children: 500 yen

If you ride with a one-day pass, simply show it to the driver when you get off the tram.

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