All you have to know about Universal Studios Japan

Universal Studios Japan is a must-see tourist attraction in Japan, and a favorite place for many young people, but like Disney, Universal Studios Japan needs to do a good job of touring or waste a lot of time and money, so take a look below!

Tour time

Book weekdays! (Weekends are crowded)

Admission Preparation

1、Download two apps first:

USJ Guide

You can check the queuing time for each item 2 rechargeable batteries.

From morning to evening rechargeable treasure must, Japan can not be street electricity!

Buy souvenirs, dining can only use cash, a few stores can brush the card

About the tickets

You must buy a ticket to enter the park, you can enter the park with a ticket, and you can play every project after entering the gate. Divided into ordinary tickets and fast tickets, fast tickets are divided into four items / seven items ~ ~ than ordinary tickets expensive almost – times it! If you don’t want to spend this money, this guide is good to receive!

Opening time

Generally open at 8:30 a.m., daily opening hours vary, open at 10:00 a.m. at the latest, it is recommended that you arrive before 8:00 a.m. if you did not buy a fast ticket

Tour route

8:30 Flying Pterodactyl

9:20 Harry Potter Forbidden Journey

10:20 Spider-Man

11:50 Jurassic Park

The next did not keep track of time ~ after the morning, it began to play the Buddha! The most people in the morning, must do a good strategy to play! 5 Hollywood Dream, also a roller coaster! ! There are divided into forward driving and reverse driving, reverse more exciting! Weightlessness is very strong, fear of heights do not play 6 Detective Conan


A lot of tips are taught to brush Harry Potter first, in fact, the flying pterodactyl is the hottest! Japanese people’s favorite project (many Japanese students who have an annual card often come to Universal Studios! The queue is not all tourists! ) before the first time to Universal Studios, first play Harry Potter and then go to the flying pterodactyl

The result was a 2-hour queue for the Flying Pterodactyl! This time, I went straight to the Flying Pterodactyl and then to Harry Potter, and the Flying Pterodactyl was only in line for 20 minutes before I could play! Then we went to Harry Potter, and it went smoothly, we only waited a little bit before it was our turn! Super fast! So, I would recommend the Flying Pterodactyl first! #Universal Studios Tips #Universal Studios Osaka


Water and drinks must be purchased outside the park, as everything inside the park is several times more expensive than outside. If you’re traveling on a budget, you can buy lunch boxes outside and bring them into the park or eat them outside at a restaurant before entering the park. The park occasionally checks visitors’ bags, but it is not strict.

There are a lot of stores out of the Universal Studios station, and when you get to the park there is a store that sells rice balls, and my boyfriend has become a big fan of it, so I highly recommend eating the Kakuni poppers! Location in the direction of the park, the third store from the right.

It is best to buy tickets two days before departure and watch the weather forecast to make sure it does not rain on the day you go, otherwise it is really a bummer.


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