How to get to the Sapporo TV Tower, hours and fees

What is Sapporo TV tower?

Odori Park lies 1.5 km east to west in the center of Sapporo. The 147.2-meter-high radio tower at the eastern end of the park is the Sapporo TV Tower. It is a landmark of Sapporo and well known by the citizens of Sapporo.
The interior of the tower is accessible by elevator, and from the observatory floor located 90.38 m above the ground, visitors can enjoy a 360° view of the city of Sapporo.

After sunset, the TV tower is lit up by floodlights and LED lights. On holidays and anniversaries, special illuminations are sometimes held.
There is a tourist information center on the first floor of the TV tower, where visitors can gather tourist information. There are also souvenir stores and Western-style restaurants in the TV tower, and several restaurants on the basement floor.

If you want to go to Sapporo TV Tower Observation Deck, the first step is to book tickets!
If you have a discount coupon online, you can make a reservation and purchase tickets here.

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Height of the Sapporo TV Tower

The Sapporo TV Tower is so high that you can see the entire city of Sapporo, and there are no buildings around it as tall as the Sapporo TV Tower.

So you can enjoy a very good feeling!

The height of the Sapporo TV Tower is 90.38 meters.

When viewed from Sapporo Odori Park, you have to look far up to see the tip of the TV tower, which is quite high.

It is a great place for sightseeing purposes because you can see an orderly and organized Sapporo.

It is also a popular date spot because it is just a short walk from downtown Sapporo, and climbing up to see the night view is also recommended.


The admission fee to the observation deck of the Sapporo TV Tower is as follows

Adults (high school students and older)

800 yen

Elementary and junior high school students

400 yen

Observation deck admission tickets can be purchased at the “Observation deck admission ticket booth” on the 3rd floor.

Note that you cannot buy tickets on the first floor, but must go up to the third floor.

You can take the elevator up to the 3rd floor.

Sapporo TV Tower Day/Night Tickets

The Sapporo TV Tower is popular for its romantic and beautiful night view.

So, some people want to see the view of Sapporo in the daytime, but also at night! There must be people who want to see the view of Sapporo during the daytime, but also at night.

In such cases, the Sapporo TV Tower Day/Night Ticket is convenient.

This is a special ticket that allows you to climb up to the 2nd floor observation deck in one day for an adult fee of 1,200 yen.

The price is 600 yen per visit, which is 400 yen less than buying two separate tickets.

Opening Hours of the Sapporo TV Tower

The Sapporo TV Tower is open from 10~20:00.

However, the hours are sometimes shortened as a measure against Corona, so it is recommended to check the official website for the latest information.

Official site


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