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About Huistenbosch

Hausdenberg, which means “forest home” in Dutch, is a resort that recreates the street scenes of medieval Europe (17th century Netherlands) and has excellent accommodation facilities. It was named “Hausdenberg” because it was granted a royal building permit to reproduce the “Hausdenberg Palace”, the palace where Her Majesty the Queen of the Netherlands currently resides.

Hausdenberg station

How to get there

From JR Nagasaki Station, take the Nagasaki Main Line/Omura Line – Express Seaside Liner to Fort Hausden in about 1 hour and 30 minutes. If you are coming from Fukuoka, you can take the limited express Hausdensburg from JR Hakata Station, which takes 1 hour and 40 minutes each way.

1-1, Huston Bos-cho, Sasebo City

If you want to visit Huis Ten Bosch, first make a ticket reservation!
If you have a discount coupon, you can make a reservation and purchase tickets online at a discount price.

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Spring Festival, just in time for the tulips in full bloom, as if to the Netherlands, not many people, very beautiful, just shoot are beautiful. It takes a day. If you take a train at Hakata station, you should pay attention to the train that says Huis Ten Bosch, and the Midori train that also goes to Nagasaki. The two trains are connected together and will be separated at Hayaki station, with Midori going to Sasebo. If you really take the wrong train, you can take the local train back to Hayaki station, but the frequency is low and the waiting time is long.

Compared to other theme parks in Japan, Hausdensburg’s attractions seem a bit ordinary, no exciting items, more VR experience and film viewing (there is a film shown after the production unit is the Aichi Expo Committee … a bit of sincerity well ……) at first feel completely sorry This 7000 yen ticket price (more than a week in advance online reservation is 6100 yen, I went to the end of the year do not know why can not be booked in advance) but the inside of the opera performance is quite wonderful, in the muse hall free to watch the performance of Takarazuka opera group wind, starring the two head of the flower group are the origin and Takarazuka ranked among the three major girls opera group osk troupe, the light of the Kingdom of Light at night Extra points super

At the beginning of October, the Hausdensburg, four subway stops from Sasebo, was already starting its Halloween event. After dinner (there is a cafeteria on the first floor of the Amsterdam hotel, almost all the ingredients Nagasaki Prefecture production, very good), the special event is to take a flashlight in the black hole in the building to find clues (the building is a horror hospital during the day, the interior of the furnishings have scared me once to cry), there are zombi catch you, there are clowns playing sauce, in each corner of the pressure burst balloons to increase the atmosphere of terror, screaming and running up and down the run In and out of the run, feeling the accumulated pressure all released, the end of the event to go to the bathroom, and again scared to tears. At night, make full use of the pass, sitting at the end of the boat, the lake swans and wild ducks, the sky starlight twinkling.

There is nothing to play, the rides are outdated, and it is said that this is a classic case of theme park operation failure. It is not recommended to come deliberately, the night view is still beautiful, but it is really not worth the money spent on tickets ah

You can say it’s a childhood memory! I went with my parents and was very interested in the foreign-style architecture! Also ate kiln baked pizza, very much like!

The light show at night is very beautiful, was lucky enough to see the fireworks show, too beautiful, live in the Nikko Hotel past very convenient, you can buy the hotel 1.5 day voucher. Amusement facilities are relatively general, can not be compared with Disney Universal.


There are two types of tickets at Hausdensburg: the general admission ticket and the official hotel accommodation ticket.

The general admission ticket is divided into 7 sub-categories depending on the number of days, the time of admission, and the program, while the basic admission ticket without any services costs JPY 3900, and the day pass, which is usually chosen by visitors, costs JPY 6400. The ticket is accepted by credit card, both UnionPay/ Visa/ Master. The normal time to visit the entire park is one and a half to two days. If you customize a detailed guide in advance, you can compress it into one day, but time is very tight.

Hausdensburg is divided into ten main areas, namely the Welcome Gate, Flower Road, Amusement City, Shiver City (newly opened), Amsterdam City, Port City, Forest Cottage, Tower City, Art Garden and Adventure Park. Here is the introduction.

Welcome gate: the place to buy tickets, accompanying gifts and enter the park, once inside you can see the Teddy Bear Museum (BTW Japanese teddy bears are too realistic there is a drop of fear, but the overall style is still very girly :-D)
Flower Road: The main landscape is a large windmill, suitable for taking pictures. Windmills can enter in order to visit the structure.

Entertainment facilities city: as the name suggests, before the Shiver City was not opened is the main entertainment facilities gathering place. Basically, the exhibition is the main focus. The more impressive are.

ONE PIECE cruise: you can experience the story from the death of Ace to the new world. Before starting the cruise will first watch the relevant background animation to better integrate into the game. The final cruise is really open mini pirate ship into the alas, to the final stage there are small shooting games. (Unfortunately, I am not a fan of anime, if the pirates fans in the case will be fried chicken jelly it)

Great voyage: instantaneous scanning face technology to make participants become characters in the film. The final film is not much of a feeling, but the process of extracting portraits is really super funny, to put the head into the scanner scan, the system will automatically customize the image of the guest in the film, but unfortunately the final shot is simply ugly than ID photos, ugly to see the whole film to concentrate on finding their own almost did not find 233333 may be too ugly because the scene is also very little  ̄へ ̄ Finally, you can also free up close (You can see your own persona in the play for free, if you need to buy the periphery, you have to pay JPY 800)

There are many amusement projects in the city mostly around the theme of environmental protection, science, like the great voyage of the film content is essentially about the protection of the Earth to protect the home on which mankind depends, and the flooding experience aimed at promoting the conservation of water resources …… feel that this area is mainly oriented towards young people, using the fun and educational way to promote environmental protection and Popularize scientific knowledge.

Shiver City: TFM Super Neon Show 3D (the first of its kind in Japan), which combines projection and neon light show in the evening

At first, I thought it was only open at night, but later I found out that it is open all day. But only at night to go to have the effect of trembling, after playing a circle of people are almost scared to pee. Similarly introduced several impressive projects.

Hospital of confinement: influenced by the Japanese hospital type haunted house, always thought it would be super super scary halfway through the zombie may also come out, but in fact Hausdensburg haunted house play is not a trick to scare people with real people XD. The trailer played at the beginning with the staff’s bewildering voice and dress effect is very creepy, one of the sentence even if you feel scared midway is not allowed to go back to see really nervous to sweaty palms. Sweating. The effect inside the hospital is very realistic, but unfortunately, because of the fear of the staff who will leap out from nowhere, resulting in too fast pace, I was not able to carefully experience the sinister intentions of the incarceration hospital.

5D MIRACLE TOUR: The world’s first cube system video ride built with new technology. The Doll” and “Journey of Delusion” were shown. I feel like I only watched “Journey of Delusion” but the 5D effect is really awesome to cry, no special glasses, no chairs, no organs in the room, just sitting on the seat to watch the film will really have the illusion of moving with the camera! One section of the roller coaster ride will really have that feeling of accelerated heart rate to the top \ (≧▽≦)\ /!

Nightmare Institute: the world’s first alternative reality horror entertainment facility. (It can be said that I am most looking forward to a project in Shiver City, but unfortunately because of time reasons did not have time to participate in the 🙒) Once limited to 8 people.

Shiver City’s toilets: Don’t laugh! Really! Than several entertainment facilities in the city are scary! The lights go on and off, and it’s full of creepy things! (originally eye discomfort wanted to remove the invisible eyes, the result in the door froze a few seconds or scared away)

Adventure Park: open-air projects are the main. Due to the rain that day are unable to experience: ( but look at the introduction feel very fun look.
Tower City: A variety of food is gathered around the landmark tower.

Demtren Tower Viewing Platform: The main attraction of Kota City is the 105-meter-high landmark tower. From the 80-meter-high viewing room, you can enjoy a panoramic view of Hausdensburg. There is a self-service coin machine in the observation room, with four types of special Hausdensburg coins to choose from, which can be customized with your name and date, and are available for JPY 500 each, as well as key rings and necklaces.
Art Garden: The garden of Hausdensburg is full of flowers and greenery, and at night it becomes the attraction of neon light show. (What a beauty at night! Crying! I’m crying! I can’t describe it in words.) At certain times, there is a long parade of floats!

White Flyer (actually a Ferris wheel): Japan’s first white Flyer, which becomes a neon light show attraction at night. If you need to ride it, you can get a discounted rate of JPY 600 with a one-day pass. There is also a bungee jump on the side! Although I would like to experience it, but I really do not have money Sad!
Amsterdam City: The main food and shopping area in the park.

DAM Burger: The Sasebo Burger is well known in Japan, and is said to be based on the recipe used by the US military at the Sasebo base in the old days. Usually priced at JPY 600-1000, the portions are superb and burp ~ meat-eaters can also choose the super meat version.


If you want to visit Huis Ten Bosch, first make a ticket reservation!
If you have a discount coupon, you can make a reservation and purchase tickets online at a discount price.

Buy Discount Tickets

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