I tried kushikatsu at Kushikatsu Tanaka.

About Kushikatsu Tanaka

This is Kushikatsu Tanaka.
I see it at many train stations around here and there.
I was curious about it, so I paid a visit for the first time.

I looked at the menu while drinking a draft beer.
There are a lot of nice snacks, but
But I had to try the kushikatsu.

So I decided to try the kushikatsu.
I went for the pork, clam, and tulip chicken kushikatsu.

The pork was thin and not juicy.
Thin and not juicy.
The price is cheap, but I wish they would have kept it.

This is the first time for me to try the asari skewers.
The taste is as expected.
The clams are small, so there is not much of a sense of plumpness or presence.

Tulip Chicken
I love tulip fried chicken.
I’m glad it looks like bento.
The taste is also not as juicy as I expected.
But it is satisfying and gives you a sense of satisfaction.
I think Tulip Chicken deep-fried with Nissin’s fried chicken powder tastes the best.

The batter is crunchy and the sauce is delicious.
It would be even tastier if the ingredients inside were better.

But I was convinced because it was cheap.


Cabbage and sauce are served as a set. The price is 280 yen per person (tax included). In Osaka and Hyogo, edamame (green soybeans) is served with cabbage and sauce as an appetizer for 330 yen (tax included) per person.


I became aware of this restaurant because of Rosen’s recently launched “Kara Yagakun’s” “Skewer Katsudanaka” flavor.
When it comes to fried skewers, it can be said that they are a famous food in Osaka. There are a lot of kebab stores in the Tontoukaku area. In fact, it’s the same feeling everywhere. Before the epidemic, there was a “square grid” of ingredients in front of each seat, and each skewer could only be dipped a little. Now it’s more of a small bottle that you pour directly onto the skewer.

When you go to a skewer store, basically anything you can think of will become fried skewers. I had a hot spring egg skewer once before. What attracted me the most to Tanaka skewers this time was the soda from the Showa period in the second picture. The name on the menu is “Old-fashioned Ramune” which is not very sour. It’s a bit close to the taste of domestic Sprite.



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