Hidakaya/tonkotsu ramen noodles with lee/

Although many people outside of the Kanto region may not be familiar with the restaurant name, it is well known in the Tokyo metropolitan area as one of the hottest restaurant chains currently in the midst of a rapid expansion. Hidakaya was established by Mr. Tadashi Kanda, the current chairman of “High-Day Hidaka Co. The restaurant is also characterized by its convenient location on the first floor in front of a station, and its goal is to open 600 stores in the Tokyo metropolitan area, making the restaurant accessible to everyone.

Tonkotsu ramen noodles with leek

This is the “spicy tonkotsu (pork bone marrow) ramen” that came out. The green onion came on a separate plate.

When I actually tried it, it was indeed “spicy,” and even I, who do not like spicy food, could eat it without any problem at all. When it is a little cold, spicy ramen is good for warming up your body.

Ramen noodles with starchy sauce

The thick starchy sauce is the key to the flavor of this menu item, making it look even more filling. The ramen noodles with gomoku ankake are made with vegetables such as broccoli, cabbage, and carrots, as well as shrimp, pork, kamaboko, and a quail egg, which is an essential ingredient in gomoku ankake ramen.

The Hidakaya Gomoku Ankake Ramen Topping Menu includes five different kinds of toppings, such as chashu pork, onsen tamago (hot spring egg), menma (pickled bamboo shoots), and shredded green onion, to decorate your Gomoku Ankake Ramen more gorgeously and voluptuously.

Hidakaya Gomoku Ankake Ramen is sold at a limited number of stores, so it may not be offered at all stores. Please check.



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