I tried to eat at Gindako/Japanese takoyaki

About Gindako/Japanese takoyaki

Gindako takoyaki is delicious!

When I lived in Osaka, I worked at this chain.
It’s a good practice to be crushed by oil every day.
The good thing is that the Japanese people in the store are very nice, friendly and get along very well.

I ordered two of the more signature takoyaki, teriyaki egg sauce and cheesy mentaiko. Although both are high in calories, they are indeed delicious.
If you like takoyaki, try it. It’s better than the Osaka Shinsaibashi and Doton Dig inside those popular review stores not know how many times.




I was hungry, so I bought takoyaki at Tsukiji Gindako

There are many takoyaki shops, but I prefer the crunchy texture of Gindako’s takoyaki.

The inside is soft and the broth is just right.
I bought a package of 8 takoyaki, but it was enough to fill me up.

I don’t think I have seen it in other stores.
I would like to buy some next time.



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