【noodle】I tried to eat Seven eleven’s source Yakisoba

I tried to eat Seven eleven’s source Yakisoba

Seven eleven’ source Yakisoba is delicious. The package looks like this.

How to prepare

These are dried vegetables and meat package, Powdered sauce, sprinkled, itchy, specially made oil. Add the taste with soy sauce to the hidden taste and add cabbage and meat to the ingredients.

The source is quite rich. Furthermore, the mellowness of specially made oil is very easy to eat. Powdered sauce tasted mild. I think the sauce is sweet, spicy and delicious, it’s spicy and delicious, it’s a sweet and sour sauce with a typhoon.
Noodles are medium-sized.

It was quite easy to eat. I think people who are not good at being spicy are also good. Although the source is powdered, it can not be helped because it is powdered.

The price is only 95 yen. This is a cup fried noodles that has Good cost performance

104g (energy 504kcal)

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