I tried to eat at Osaka Yakiniku & Horumon Futago/Japanese Yakiniku BBQ restaurant

About Osaka Yakiniku & Horumon Futago

Osaka Yakiniku & Horumon Futago was founded in 2010 by the representative and vice president of “Futago,” who are both from Osaka, out of filial piety!

The staff is young and full of energy!
The staff is young and energetic, and they have been well trained to provide an unmistakable taste.

The staff’s explanations are persuasive as they use fresh and prized meat.
It is also nice that they grill everything and even bring the sauce to you.

The restaurant is lively and energetic, and the atmosphere is so good that once you go, you will want to repeat your visit.
By the time we left the restaurant, there was a line outside (


Futago-mori-yaki (1,518 yen) *No.1 in Yakiniku Ranking


Fudao is a chain of yakiniku restaurants
Basically, the store staff helps to grill
This avoids many cases of grilling by yourself
You can also eat the meat in the best condition
And the quality of their meat is also very good
The price is not too high
It’s a real feeling of eating meat
It’s much better than horn (yes! I’m the one who pulled on the horns

If you book in advance
You can also get an extra-large steak
When the restaurant first opened, reservations were not required
I ate it once
Really delicious!
Now the rules have changed, remember to make reservations in advance



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