Katsuya cold soba noodles with simmered pork cutlet

I tried Katsuya’s new menu , cold soba noodles with simmered pork cutlet.

This is their menu.

Cold? hot?

Cold soba noodles topped with hot stewed pork cutlet!

How cool!

It comes with half a bowl of rice.

Usually, half of the cutlet stew is added to rice to make a bowl of cutlet rice, right?

The cold soba noodles are topped with a delicious cutlet stew that is well worth the effort.

Naturally, the pork cutlet stew is delicious because it is made by Katsuya.

The soba-tsuyu (Soba soup) is a little sweet to match the pork cutlet stew, which is also good.

I immediately tried this cold soba noodle with stewed pork cutlet, and the soba was cool and firm.

I prefer Sarashina-soba, which is slippery and smooth, but I wonder if this is due to the high percentage of buckwheat flour.

Thank you for the food. I enjoyed it.

It was quite good.

Cold soba noodles in this season are easy to eat and go well with warm pork cutlet stew.

pork cutlet curry

I ordered pork cutlet curry as well.

Along with the rest of Katsuya’s menu, there are three sizes to choose from: plum, bamboo, and pine.
The quantities and prices of each are as follows

Ume: 80g loin, 650 yen (tax not included)
Bamboo: 120g loin, 790 yen (tax not included)
Pine: 160g loin, 990 yen (tax not included)
Pine contains two 80g pieces of loin.

I think the most important thing in curry is the roux, which is quite tasty.
I had to lick the Katsuya a bit.
The roux has a deep flavor and a good amount of spice.
There are curries where the spiciness prevails, but Katsuya’s curry was just the right level of spiciness, and I could feel the complex flavors within the spiciness.

The amount of curry is generous compared to the amount of rice, so it is nice to know that there is no leftover rice.

As for the pork cutlets, it is as good as you would expect from a restaurant in its own right, and I have nothing special to say about it.
The pork cutlets are served in a crispy state, so you can enjoy the difference in texture: the parts covered with roux are slightly wilted, while the parts not covered with roux are crispy.

Also, shredded cabbage is served next to the rice.
I thought Katsuya’s curry was as good as curry specialty restaurants.
The quantity of curry is also very satisfying for the price.
If you haven’t tried it yet, please give it a try.

Katsuya web page


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