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About Sun Wen Memorial Hall

In order to deepen people’s understanding of the history of modern Japan and China and to promote the development of Sino-Japanese friendship and academic exchanges, the Yiyogaku (Sun Moon Memorial Hall) was officially established in November 1984. The building is part of a villa built by Wu Jintang, a Chinese industrialist active in Kobe in 1915. The octagonal, three-story “Eikaku” was the venue for a welcome party for Dr. Sun’s visit to Kobe on March 14, 1913.

It was donated to Hyogo Prefecture in November 1983 by the Kobe Overseas Chinese Association, which had been managing it, and was reopened in April 2000 at the bridgehead of the Akashi Strait Bridge and designated as a National Important Cultural Property in November 2001. The museum introduces the life of Dr. Sun and his exchanges with the people of Kobe, and displays valuable handwritten letters and relics of Dr. Sun, among other things.

How to get there

2051 Higashi Maiko-cho, Taramizu-ku, Kobe City, Hyogo Prefecture


Nothing to see, is the Sun Yat-sen Memorial Hall, a quaint building, Dr. Sun once stayed in Japan for a long time, here is a place to stay at that time, there are many Chinese books.

This is the bridge of friendship between the two countries, Sun once stayed in Japan and the United States, came here to sigh this great man really powerful, Macau has a villa, Guangzhou has the Marshal’s Palace, Japan and the moving Pavilion, read more people in the past are rich family ah, natural awareness early, high consciousness. Now they have become attractions. There are still a lot of things to move here, not in vain.

People who are interested in history can go to see. The location is good on the beach. This is the sea view villa. Nearby in addition to its family no other look at the bridge look at this is also good to tell you a secret from the Sun Wen Memorial Hall to the Kobe side of the beach is the Gay territory Oh do not go wrong by men touch Oh

It is located in Maiko Park, near Akashi Bridge by the sea. You have to buy a ticket to enter the park. 200 yen. There is not much content inside, just some pictures and introductions. If you are not interested in Sun Yat-sen, just look outside.

Take JR from Nishi-Akashi to Maiko Station, near Akashi Bridge, an old house, just look, the view is good!

Standing on the bridge across the sea from afar, the view of the sea is good, but a lonely building, I wonder if it was the state of mind of Mr. Sun back then.

Not far from the Akashi Strait Bridge, the great revolutionary pioneer Dr. Sun Yat-sen used to live here in the early years.

Sun Moon Memorial Hall is the only public facility in Japan that honors the Chinese revolutionary, statesman and thinker Sun Moon.

I didn’t know there was a Sun Chung Memorial Hall in Kobe. Nothing too special. Just a sense of international friendship, I guess.

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