How to get to Kobe Harbour Land

About Kobe Harbour Land

Kobe Harbour Land is the western side of the Kobe Bay area, which is home to a wide variety of facilities such as shopping, food, entertainment, movies, literature and hotels. The Hankyu department stores’, the MOSAIC shopping complex, the promena Kobe, the Red Brick Warehouse Hotel, which is a reuse of a brick warehouse built in the Meiji era, and the New Otani Hotel are just a few of the many and varied facilities that can be found here.

The coastal street with gas lights continues quietly. At night, the entire waterfront park is illuminated to make it even more romantic and enjoyable for visitors. You can also take a cruise around Kobe Port and Akashi Bridge.

How to get there

Rinkai-land Station on the Municipal Subway Line. JR Kobe Station. Kobe High Speed Railway Express Kobe Station.

1 Higashikawasaki-cho, Chuo-ku, Kobe City, Hyogo Prefecture


It’s quite boring if you say you’re here for sightseeing. Just nice big shopping malls. But the first floor of Mosaic, at the south end of the terrace (near the Bread Loaf amusement park) is a good place to take pictures of the Ferris wheel, the harbour tower, the museum and the big ship. I took these for your reference. I’m not sure if you’ll mind.

The Haberdashery is a very nice place to relax in Kobe, with a great view of the sea and in the summer time you can watch the fireworks display. There are many restaurants, including one in Kansai is very difficult to eat Brazilian barbecue, the chef and take the knife to send meat waiter is mostly Brazilian, and very funny

The company is located on the harbor, in fact, is a large SHOPPING MALL, eat, drink and play everything. I especially like to buy an ice cream sitting on the steps facing the sea blowing the wind, the most pleasant.

Well, the park is now a good place to visit after the reorganisation and it gives a better experience. Especially in summer, when you come here at night, you can feel the moon on the calm sea.

A commercial area on the waterfront, surrounded by a sightseeing cruise ship, a sightseeing Ferris wheel, a street of boutiques, an umie department store, Western and Japanese restaurants, a bread superman museum and more, it’s well worth a visit!

There is a Ferris wheel, you can see the Kobe Port Tower, shopping and dining nothing special, are some chain brands, you can also buy some Kobe specialties. There is a Ferris wheel, you can see the Kobe Port Tower, there is nothing special about the mall and restaurants, there are some chain brands, you can also buy some Kobe specialties.

Since we don’t talk about festivals, there were very few people, and I only stayed for a while when I saw the older men and women from the tour group taking group photos.

Rinkai Park is part of Kobe Port, it has a bit of a fisherman’s wharf feel to it, with some commercial facilities and dining facilities, as well as the Bread Superman Museum, and it feels better to look out over the port from here, with the sea breeze blowing and the air nice

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