How to get to Kobe International Hall

About Kobe International Hall

The Kobe International Hall is a commercial complex with a theatre and cinema, various shops, restaurants, banks and a post office in Sannomiya, with an international theatre for concerts and theatre performances on the 5th to 10th floors, a food court on the 9th and 10th floors, and an outdoor garden with wooden flooring on the 11th floor terrace, which has become a new attraction in the Sannomiya area.

How to get there

3 minutes walk from JR Sannomiya Station.

8-1-6 Miyuki-dori, Chuo-ku


It’s not too far from Sannomiya station, about a 10-minute walk, and not too far from Kobe City Hall, as well as close to Sogo, where concerts are often held.

Personally, I like it a lot. It’s not just because the building is so imposing and there are often concerts and concerts on it. It’s a nice place to be. There used to be an international exchange centre on the 22nd floor, where you could learn Japanese and other foreign languages for free, which is really nice. The view from above is also very good. You can see the whole Sannomiya. By the way, the grand staircase downstairs is a place for Japanese couples to go on their honeymoon. In summer, you’ll often see a lot of young people here.

The design of the building is stylish, but it blends in well with the streets of Kobe. From the second basement level to the 11th floor, the hall has everything you need, whether it’s food, clothing, housing, transportation or a place to relax and have fun.

At the Civic Square station, it is quiet at night and the road is largely empty. Sitting in the underground, you can see Kobe Tower.

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