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About Ikuta Shrine

Ikuta Shrine is a famous shrine that appears in “Nihonshoki” (a Japanese history book completed in 720 of the Nara period) and “Pillowcress”. There is a vermillion shrine in the center of the shrine and a lush Ikuta forest to the north of the shrine. There are also some famous flower spots such as plum blossoms and hibiscus flowers, which are associated with the military generals of the late Heian period. The area around the current Chuo-ku district of Kobe City is the territory of the former shrine. Ikuta Shrine is dedicated to the goddess Hiten, who is effective in praying for good luck and good health, and is visited by many people throughout the year. The shrine has been damaged by several floods and wars, and the Great Hanshin-Awaji Earthquake in 1995, but has been revived each time.

How to get there

Five minutes’ walk from Sannomiya Station on the JR Sannomiya Line and Sannomiya Station on each line

1-2-1, Shimoyamate-dori, Chuo-ku, Kobe City, Hyogo Prefecture


It is a very sacred shrine, mainly for praying for peace and blessing marriage. It has most of the elements expected of a Japanese shrine, and the most special thing is that the guardian animal here is a unicorn.

Last time in Ikuta Shrine just met the summer festival, very lively

Surprisingly, there are many pixies here. A bunch of Japanese uncles and mothers boys and girls were catching. A clean slate in the downtown area.

Medium-sized shrine, quite close to the city, walked over after breakfast.
Shrines are also similar, this shrine is building a frame repair, a little impact on the landscape.
The main color is a very bright orange, the color is really beautiful.
There is a sea shrine next to it, which is dedicated to shipping companies, and shipping people feel close to it.
There is a small yard after Ikuta Shrine, naturally there is no good view in winter, feel free to stroll around it ~

A shrine located in Sannomiya that still has some history. The liveliest time of the year is the New Year. The first day of the New Year Japanese people go there at night to pray for blessings. You can try it if you have time. The only doubt is that the Japanese shrine can understand Chinese, now so many people go to the country. There should be an interpreter there, too. laugh

Ikuta Shrine is just a small shrine. It’s not far from Kobe Sannomiya Station, and there are clear signs that lead you there.
I was surprised to see a lot of flowers, but some of them were probably plum blossoms, because I thought it was just the flowering season when I arrived in Kobe. The plum blossoms here are also relatively famous.
There is also a sacred tree in the shrine, which was burned down before, but I didn’t expect the dead wood to sprout again in spring, so it is also very spiritual to pray for good health here.

Ikuta Shrine is a traditional ritual shrine located in downtown Kobe and has been wrapped in modern architecture, but there is also a small garden that makes the landscape of this place contrast with the surrounding area, and the shrine main hall as a whole is bright red and very beautiful. Ikuta Shrine is dedicated to the goddess Hiten, who is effective in praying for marriage and good health, and is therefore visited by many people throughout the year. Ikuta Shrine is a famous shrine that was featured in “Nihonshoki” and “Pillowboy”. From Sannomiya station is actually very close on foot, it is recommended that you take the main road from the main entrance, such as taking a shortcut from the side entrance, it will take a long time to find …… This place has most of the elements of a Japanese shrine, the most special is the guardian animal is the unicorn. This is also the place where Japanese entertainer Fujiwara Norika got married, and you can buy the Sakura-sha tattooed gosho here.

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