How to get to Arima Toy Museum

About Arima Toy Museum

The Arima Toy Museum was founded in 2003. Akio Nishida and his friends started the museum with the idea of “promoting the traditional Japanese toy culture through Arima-no-machi”. Akio Nishida became the first director of the museum when it was built. On the 3rd to 6th floors of the museum, different types of toys are displayed, including the “Machine Mannequin” exhibition, which has received high praise from people both at home and abroad and is very popular. On the first floor, there are toy workshops and experience rooms, and toy classes are held regularly.

How to get there

Take the Kobe Electric Railway to Arima Onsen Station and walk for 5 minutes.

797 Arima-cho, Kita-ku, Kobe, Hyogo


It’s still a large area, perfect for bringing the little ones, and every toy is exquisite and very neatly arranged.

Many vintage toys are available and toys are provided for the children to play with, and the adults will also have fun playing with them as if they were children. There are explanations in the museum, and toys that look simple or even unintelligible can be turned into something magical by the hands of the explanators. All in all, it’s a great place to visit. The discounted ticket price is 500 for adults and 250 for children with a passport, which is a great value.

Haha, that’s my picture on the cover, it’s a very childish place, especially for kids. Even adults can have fun here. As the name suggests, there are all kinds of toys on display, and the experience area is huge, and there are horses, so kids may not be too keen on hot springs, but this place will definitely please her. There are discounts on many of the tickets, and there are discounts on the Kansai Weekend ticket and the Malacca Weekend ticket.

It’s a great value place to visit! With a passport, you can also get a discount on tickets to 500yen, and the whole museum seems to have 6 floors? There are quite a lot of toys on display, so it’s great to go on your own and take your children there, and you can definitely find your childlike spirit here.

The Arima Toy Museum exhibits a model of Erosis Parker, a character from the overseas SF humanoid show “Thunderbirds”, by designer John Dahlblank during the filming of “Thunderbirds”.

There are several floors of galleries with lots of old toys, and many interesting toys are demonstrated by the staff, making it a great place to take the kids.

There is a charge for the first floor and above, but on the ground floor there are some hands-on toys at the entrance, which are quite interesting! The small toys on the first floor are all beautifully made, but they are also quite expensive!

I didn’t go upstairs, but the ground floor sells all kinds of toys made of wood, and the Japanese protect their intellectual property.

The most famous amusement park in the Arima area is on the way to Kinoyu, with lots of fun toys inside!

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