How to get to Kobe Port Tower

About Kobe Port Tower

The Kobe Port Tower, built in 1963, is a tourist tower and a landmark of Kobe, located in the American Park, which is home to the Maritime Museum and hotels. The red tower is made of ductwork and has a beautiful curved drum shape (a Japanese musical instrument).

The tower is 108 metres high and has an observation deck at the top, offering a 360 degree view. Below the tower are the bustling streets of Kobe, including Motomachi, Kitano and Nanking Street, with views from Osaka in the east, Awaji Island and the Akashi Strait Bridge in the west, Kobe Airport in the south and Mount Rokko in the north. A revolving café and souvenir shop are located inside the building.

The bright red exterior is beautifully illuminated, contrasting with the white façade of the adjacent Kobe Maritime Museum.

How to get to there

Approx. 15 minutes on foot from JR Hanshin Motomachi Station; Approx. 5 minutes on foot from Hong Kong Kong Dollar Town Station on the Municipal Subway Line

〒650-0042 Hyogo Prefecture, Kobe, Chuo-ku, 5-5 Hachiba-cho


It is a symbol of the city of Kobe, not very tall and not very distinctive in appearance, but it is quite beautiful at night with the port area and the Ferris wheel.

Kobe’s landmark. On a good day the harbour is very beautiful! The air in Japan is good, and as long as the sky is clear, it must be extraordinarily blue, and the red Kobe Tower is a beautiful colour. It’s nice to walk around the harbour and enjoy the breeze and sit down with a cup of coffee when you’re tired. Unfortunately, I was in a hurry and didn’t get to experience it properly.

The night view is superb! Within walking distance from Sannomiya station! Worth a look.

Walk along the shore of Mosaic Square and you can see the Kobe Port Tower and the Kobe Maritime Museum across the water. The Kobe Port Tower was completed in 1963 and is a landmark in Kobe. The bright red exterior of the Kobe Port Tower contrasts with the white facade of the Kobe Maritime Museum, which is strikingly illuminated.

After eating the Kobe beef at night, I feel good about it. I think the night view is better, and if you have the chance to go on the mosaic Ferris wheel, it will be even better. Kobe Sannomiya station can be taken by bus or on foot, during the day you can go to the Oceanarium across the street to have a look at the port in the evening is less crowded, suitable for going to see the night scenery, the sea breeze blowing very comfortable.

You can feed the seagulls for a long time and they can be very close to you. The tower is very small and not much to do.

A must-see in Kobe harbour, the Kobe Port Tower is an eye-catcher, day or night.

The architecture is unique and is well known around the world. The harbour is clearly visible in the near distance and Rokko Mountain Rokko Mountain in the distance is a beautiful city with a beautiful mist.

We stayed near the port area, which is undeniably a great place for a walk, only it was too rainy, otherwise we could have had a good stroll.

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