How to get to Himeji Science Museum “Atom no Yakata

About Himeji Science Museum

Himeji Science Museum is a comprehensive science museum that opened in 1993 in a lush green area on the outskirts of Himeji City.

In August 2009, the museum underwent a complete renovation of its exhibits, with permanent exhibits on the 2nd through 4th floors under the themes of “Nature on Earth and Our Homeland,” “Science Around Us,” and “Our Universe,” and a planetarium, one of the largest in Japan, with 284 seats in a 27-meter-diameter dome that was renovated in March 2013.

In addition, various lectures and events are held as needed, including special exhibitions in the special exhibition room on the first floor.

How to get there

By bus from Himeji Station(Shinki Bus)
By walk from Hoshiko-kan-mae


It is located in a mountainous area, but can be reached immediately from the interchange between the Himeji Bypass (Tatsuno Bypass) and the Sanyo Expressway. It is mainly for children, but there is plenty to do for half a day. The Children’s Museum is also nearby and is a good, inexpensive place to have fun.


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